3.5 Group Assignment

3.5Group Assignment

Thekey attributes of higher-ambition leaders are the reasons as to whythey run successful companies. The main quality that these leadershave is that they can understand their employees. They believe thatsuccess can be achieved if they relate well to their workers. Thesemanagers ensure that the people under them are appreciated andappraised for the quality of work they provide (Beer, 2011).Higher-ambition leaders are good communicators. They quickly relaythe goals of the business and ensure every employee knows the rolethey have to play to attain the intended objective (Beer, 2011).These leaders are focused on the set target and cannot relent for anyreason. They understand that even though they should be tough withthe accomplishment of the organization’s objectives, they shouldalso be more approachable when handling the workers to ensure thatthe working environment is conducive enough to fulfill maximumresults (Beer, 2011). Another characteristic of higher-ambitionleaders is that they are inclusive of every person in the company.Such leaders ensure that every worker is made part of the entiresystem through involvement (Beer, 2011). The employees, thus, feelvalued since their input is always heard.

Comparinghigher-ambition leaders to the management of the organization that Iwork for brings out common behaviors and some apparentdissimilarities. In my organization, the managers always appreciatequality work, and they also reward good performance. The method isalso used by higher-ambition leaders (Beer, 2011). Another similarityis that both kinds of leaders make sound decisions that focus on theaccomplishment of the entire business. However, unlikehigher-ambition leaders, the leadership in my company does not alwaysprovide information to low-level employees unless when necessary(Beer, 2011). The management is also stricter on the workers withinthe company I work. The employees are subjected to a lot of pressurethat it sometimes leads to hostility among the workers and theleaders (Beer, 2011).

Thearticle has helped develop my personal leadership style into a formthat will generate better results. I have understood that for me as aleader to get better performance from the people under my control, Ishould learn to relate with them (Beer, 2011). The practice will helpme realize their strengths and weaknesses ensuring that I can findways of making them as productive as possible.


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