360 Assessment



Apotential worker strives to achieve a better status on the individualaspect and at the professional level. To reach this state, one mustfirst identify the traits that play the vital role in the characterconstruction. One of the primary ways of identifying attributes andfeatures is by inquiring from other people, including family,friends, and other individuals who interact closely with the person.In this way, the perceptions of these contacts can inform the personabout his image. As such, the 360 assessment tool is an approach thatprovides a platform for the expansion of one’s professional brand[ CITATION Mar14 l 1033 ].By achieving this state, it is then possible to adapt to an existingemployment position as well as an establishment in the area ofspecialization. Anin-depth learning from the results received from the self-evaluationfacilitates these changes. Also, the traits and skills arehighlighted in the assessment. This paper looks at the benefitslinked with the 360 assessment tool.

Advantagesof this Assessment as a Tool

360assessment tool is critical for informing both an individual and theadministration on their traits and attributes. The benefits linked tothe use of such a device include the following:

ProvidesTrue Results

Theauthenticity of this tool is upheld by the submission of theassessment to coworkers, family, supervisors and other people. Theinformation collected indicates the strengths as well as theweaknesses. Likewise, a portfolio is generated that depicts thebest-rated attributes and skills as well as those that are regardedas below par. In some cases, an answer from someone who does not knowthe member well will be ignored. Apparently, the outcomes of thesurvey give feedback on the exact areas that need to be worked on bythe member. In this way, the already recognized strong attributes aremaintained while weak qualities are improved to be sturdier andbetter. Due to the precise nature of this approach, a person who issearching for a new employment opportunity can make use of it.Therefore, it is the right step in the journey towardsself-betterment. Additionally, the assessment tool gives the pros andcons and ranks them from the attributes that are desirable to thosethat are feeble [ CITATION Bra14 l 1033 ].The ranking provides insight to the member who can now prioritize theareas that need more effort. Ultimately, the person’s qualities areuplifted by dealing with the challenges that had been established.

Facilitatesthe Development of Professional Plans

Sincethe feedback is usually anonymous from the respondents, it can bechanneled into the administration and used to develop strategic plansthat further improve the strengths and also uplift the weaknesses.Primarily, the program plays a significant role in talentdevelopment, and it is also an initiative that promotes goodleadership. Likewise, the difference between various competitors in aparticular field can be distinguished. In most cases, mediaplatforms, live sessions, and other relevant resources help people inthe branding process. Afterward, an award or certification can beprovided to boost credentials. When the perception of how others seean individual is obtained, then the organization can take thenecessary measures to create a plan that develops the skills,talents, and prowess of their employees. Personal and professionalplans for development can be adequately implemented based on real andunbiased sentiments [ CITATION Bra14 l 1033 ].

JobSatisfaction and Motivation

Usingthis assessment can motivate employees to become more content withtheir jobs. This state is achieved when an individual improves on theweaknesses creating a more productive workforce. Additionally, amanager can be able to have a look at their performance by observingthe ratings and comments made by their subordinates. An excellentrating motivates the supervisors and encourages them to perform evenbetter. The assistants, on the other hand, can derive a sense ofadded satisfaction and recognition simply because of the chance theyhave been accorded to assess their managers. Employee participationboosts the morale and can also help in enhancing long-term loyalty.The 360 assessment is a good indicator that describes the successrate of a certain employee or supervisor. Good ratings push theindividual to maintain the performance [ CITATION Mar14 l 1033 ].A low score can also inform the worker who may not have known theirnegative side. In this regard, the individual can then be compelledto perform better


Conductingevaluations is a task that requires honesty and genuineness. The 360assessmentis ideal for performing such activities. In the past, obtaining avalid response on the performance of employees and executives wasdifficult since the evaluation was based on the success or failure ofthe company performance. This sentiment is correct but to a limitedextent. Much more information can be obtained by involving otheremployees and colleagues to provide feedback without any form ofreprisal. Later on, an open and anonymous review can be done sincethe process produces the most honest answers. Aspects such asexperience, personality and the work itself are considered. Since theinformation is obtained from more than one source, it is valid andaccurate. Evidence points out that employee evaluation of managersleads to positive changes in the workplace relationships [ CITATION Bra14 l 1033 ].


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