A Career in the Hospitality Industry Scholarship Essay


The Hotel and Restaurant Foundation has been offering scholarshipopportunities to students across the world for the last 50 years withthe goal of helping them achieve professional distinction. Working inthe hospitality sector will allow me to employ my creativity tocatapult the sector to the next level. I have always loathed stickingto the old ways of doing things. Unlike other sectors, thehospitality industry tends to be more accommodating of innovativeideas in the form of a new pasta, drinks, foods, or a superbexperience. Besides, a typical day in the hospitality sector entailsa person engaging in several different tasks, unlike other careerswhere one has to engage in similar activities every day. Theflexibility inherent in the hospitality sector will enable me toacquire a broad array of transferable skills without having to stickto scheduled business hours.

I find it fulfilling when I make another person happy which meansthat by working in the hospitality industry I will earn not only aliving but also a chance to do what I love. Whether I will end upbeing a hotel manager, chef, kitchen porter, or a concierge, I knowthat every day will be an opportunity for me to make someone`s daybetter. I understand that most people work in mundane environments,and all they need is an experience that would boost their morale.More so, I have been to different destinations within and outside thecountry and as such, I understand the value of a great experience interms of creating an everlasting memoir.

Besides being one of the oldest industries, the hospitality sector isgrowing at an inexorable rate. Additionally, the sector has a globalscope which means that upon acquiring relevant education one caneasily get a job in any part of the world. It is for this reason thatthe Hotel and Restaurant Foundation aims at giving students whoqualify for its sponsorship a global reach. Thus, obtaining a degreein a field related to the hospitality industry will help me establisha niche for myself. As I conclude, the hospitality industry is apleasant and interesting domain to be part of, and I cannot wait tosee my dream come true.

Lastly, I believe that I possess the right personality that qualifiesme to become a future leader in the hospitality industry the kind ofperson the Hotel and Restaurant Foundation is looking for. I tend tothink of myself as adventurous because am always on the move insearch of breathtaking sceneries. Whenever I am not traveling, Ispend a substantial amount of time on my laptop learning about newplaces. As such, working in the hospitality industry will help meachieve one of my goals which is to be a well-travelled person.Besides, I am a sociable person and as such, a career in thehospitality industry will provide me an opportunity to meet andinteract with many people. The many acquaintances I have in my socialmedia platforms attests to my sociable character.