A Good Man is Hard to Find


AGood Man is Hard to Find

AGood Man is Hard to Find

Thebook is the most famous and widely discussed story among the O`Connorbooks. The primary style of writing used is narrative since itinvolves telling a story, has characters and dialogues and has alogical beginning, intervals, and endings. The author uses manycharacters and tells what happens to them later. One character thewriter focuses most is the grandmother who is seen as self-centered(O’connors &ampAsals, 1993). The story leaves the reader with manyquestions: How did the grandmother know the route misfit wasfollowing? Was there any link between misfit and grandmother? Did thegrandmother have any intention in coming with the cat in the car?

Inthe narrative, there are exciting and confusing moments which makesthe story interesting. The interesting part is where the grandmotherboarded a car with a cat saying that she would miss it so much forthose three days. It was so interesting on how the grandmothernarrated about her courtship days to the children describing the manas a gentleman and handsome. The man came from Georgia. It soundedfun when she said that the man used to bring her watermelon everySaturday being written his initials E.A.T. The grandmother statedthat the man brought a watermelon one Saturday and got me absent andleft it on the porch. Unfortunately, another naughty boy came and ateit since it had initials EAT.

Theconfusing moment is when they landed in to a ditch and immediatelymisfit and other two men appeared. The narrative takes death assomething hidden and impossible to predict. If they could be aware oftheir death, they could have canceled the tour. The children werealso disobedient because they refused to head to Tennessee where thegrandmother intended to go.In conclusion, this story of O’connorsis hard to forget since it is full of comedy, religious matters, andviolence that make it interesting.


O`Connor,F., &amp Asals, F. (1993). Agood man is hard to find.New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press.

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