A Rose for Emily


ARose for Emily

ARose for Emily

EmilyGrierson is the main character in the book writtenby William Faulkner (Faulkner, 2007). Faulkner uses flashbacks inwriting the book. For example, he starts to describe how the funeralof Emily was attended by all people living in Jefferson town butlater narrates how Grierson’s father died and the relationship shehad and ends up with her death. The author also uses foreshadowing bydescribing how the panel of Aldermen anxiously waited for Emily in ameeting to question her about taxes in Jefferson. The reader isattention is captured to know what know what happen after Emilyarrived at the meeting.

Thestory describes Emily’s father death, claimed taxes of Jefferson,relationships, and sickness that contributed to Emily’s death. Theappealing part of the narrative is how the women attended the funeralto see inside decorations of her house but not to mourn. It is sointeresting on how the author described Emily, that her eyesresembled two round pieces of coal pushed in to dough. It makes thereader have a loud laugh. It is uncertain on how Emily’s deathoccurred because she asked for poison from a druggist. The readerbecomes confused on whether it was a natural death or she tookpoison.

Loveis the primary theme of the story because Emily expressed a lot oflove for her father and fiancé. Emily loved her father so muchexpressed on how she opposed his burial (Faulkner, 2007). Her fatherwas buried without her consent. Grierson also loved her boyfriend somuch that forced her to go into hiding after the breakup. The deathis considered as a common thing to non-family members. The issue ofdeath mostly affects the relatives and particularly the familymembers as portrayed by Emily in the story.


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