Accident Prevention and Safety Promotion for the Parents and Caregivers of Infants

AccidentPrevention and Safety Promotion for the Parents and Caregivers ofInfants

AccidentPrevention and Safety Promotion for Parents and Caregivers of Infants

On 7th September 2016, the pamphlet was shared withparents of a 28 weeks old male child. Both parents were availableduring the meeting. The father was a 25-year-old white male,reportedly an accountant at a local school having a diploma inaccounts. The mother was a 21-year-old white female, still pursuingher college degree. The parents are born and raised in Phoenix,Arizona.

The parents lookedappreciative of the information provided during the teaching. Theyexpressed concern about pamphlets on health issues provided duringvisits to the clinics, at the church and during awareness campaignsbut minimal explanations given to explain some of the hard terms theydidn’t comprehend.

The parents demonstrated a fair understanding of the teaching onwater contamination. They said that the topic was familiar from theirschool education since they were kids. They had an experience ofdiarrhea in their child and their pediatrician provided insights onwater contamination and advised them on keeping better personalhygiene levels to avoid putting their baby on health risks. Theparents were able to comprehend the topic and verbalize therecommendations on water contamination.

The interaction reaped positive health education benefits based onthe parents’ responses and questions asked. Some people areresiding in Phoenix who exhibit a little bit of knowledge on watercontamination and its effects and some who don’t have thatknowledge. Attention should be given to the chemical contaminants aspeople don’t know much information about them. Finally, Awarenesson the symptoms and signs of water-borne diseases should be madeclear as typhoid symptoms are usually more confused with others.