Additional Participation on a Response by Jaqueline Bawden

AdditionalParticipation on a Response by Jaqueline Bawden

AdditionalParticipation on a Response by Jaqueline Bawden

The concept of ageism remains to be a contemporary issue when itcomes to the provision of health care services. I believe that healthcare practitioners have the mandate of ensuring they provide servicesto all patients without discriminating them on the grounds of age(Band-Winterstein, 2015). The acknowledgment of the fact thatageism is a part of the society serves as the first step in dealingwith the issue. Nurses and doctors who are entrusted with the duty ofoffering care to the patients must show commitment toward providingcare regardless of the age of the patient they are caring for.

I agree with Soojin Lee that the issue of age has not been consideredas being fundamental like other problems. For example, issues thathave been taken into account pragmatic in the health sector includesex, religion, and race. The elderly patients continue to suffer atthe hands of service providers because they are not given theattention that they so deserve (Kagan &amp Melendez‐Torres,2015). Indeed, I agree with Lee that elderly patients have beenignored even when they present with the most severe symptoms. Theyhave been denied quality care that focuses on improved patientoutcomes. Because of the same, high mortality rates continue to bewitnessed especially among the elderly.

I concur with Lee that nurses have failed to notice ageism as afundamental aspect of their practice. It is critical that theyembrace ageism and integrate the same when it comes to the provisionof care. However, it is essential to consider that the health carepractitioners need to be supported in their quest to provide careacross all age groups (Sarabia-Cobo &amp Castanedo Pfeiffer,2015). It would be an appropriate measure to help in improvingpatient outcomes.


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