African American History



AfricanAmerican History

Anumber historical occurrences are associated with the AfricanAmerican people. One of the notable events is the Harlem Renaissancewhich took place in the 1920s, after the First World War. The conceptof Renaissance was simply referred to as the rebirth of knowledge.The Harlem Renaissance, on the other hand, was denoted as a period inwhich the educated black people and artists such as writers, poetsand musicians examined their cultural identity. The revolution beganin the Harlem district of New York City and later become acountrywide urban revolution that was instigated by the economicopportunities brought about by the First World War (Ndiaye, 2012).

Oneof the objectives of the Harlem Renaissance involved the use of theartistic and intellectual voice to communicate the social injusticeexperiences of the black people. The scholars in various areas usedtheir skills to express their dissatisfaction and raise concernsconcerning issues such as racial discrimination, inadequate socialservices and lack equal democratic opportunities. Another objectivewas to validate that the black people had a cultural and ethnicpride. Through their music, literature, and poems, the AfricanAmericans were able to demonstrate that they also had a distinctculture. The Harlem Renaissance also acted as a platform for unifyingthe black people (Ndiaye, 2012).

Insummary, it can be stated that the Harlem Renaissance was anessential historical event that demonstrated the significant ofknowledge in creating awareness concerning the black Americanculture. In addition, it confirmed that the reawakening of knowledgewas a vital tool for propagating social justice.


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