Age and Ageism

Ageand Ageism

Ageismis one concept that has been overlooked in the work environment.Individuals focus is often directed to gender and racialdiscrimination as well as prejudice (Kagan, 2012). This aspect hasnotably impacted on the provision of services within the healthcaredepartments (Snaedal, 2016). Personally, my attitude has changed overtime in this area. I have also noted some of the behaviors andattitudes depicted in the field, and some actions to be taken to curbthem.


Iam 47 year old, and I have been a nurse since 1999. Initially, Ipreferred to interact with young people rather than older ones. Icould put more contact restrictions or even disrespect anddiscriminate them at extreme levels. Over time, I have learned toadopt the affirmative measures, whereby I listen, bond, and evenoffer assistance to them in a friendly way.

Inthe clinical environment, the situation is not any different. Infact, the prevailing stereotypes have raised the levels ofdiscrimination on age group basis (Kagan, 2015). In my case, I willstructure an all-inclusive plan to improve sensitivity, especially,towards the elderly. First, I propose an education and trainingprogram for the masses on the existing stereotypes anddiscrimination. It is also necessary that some of the training in theschool curriculum and the workplace ethics should incorporate ageism.The media can also be used to bring out positive images of theelderly depicting them as healthy, productive and successful people.


Fromthe discussion, it is evident that actions need to be taken to bringthe situation to control. Measures like effective communication,refresher courses, and creating awareness can play a critical role indealing with the situation (Blancato et al., 2015).


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