Alternative analysis for Metro and Trusty Carpets

Alternativeanalysis for Metro and Trusty Carpets

Alternativeanalysis for Metro and Trusty Carpets

Maintainingthe status quo

Maintainingstatus quo will mean that the Metro Carpets will continue using theiroutdated information system (IS) and maintaining their paper-baseddata storage capacity and at the same time acquiring the TrustyCarpets and its way of keeping records and doing business withoutinvolving any IS in their transactions.

Anadvantage of this is there is no much-incurred cost apart from thealready existing ones since the resources in use are the same. Aproblem will arise since the two stores use different systems so dataintegrity and record management will be poor. Data loss is thebiggest problem in this option.This alternative will have no costinvolved since there is no change required to the existing systems

MakingTrusty Carpets adopt and use the system employed by Metro Carpets

Thismeans the system employed by Metro Carpets be adopted by TrustyCarpets. The challenge with this option is that the system used byMetro is outdated based on their way of operation and the currentneed of the business. So adopting this means adding into moreproblems that already exists at Metro which mainly is keeping trackof business operations. It will also mean more additional cost inresources to implement the IS.

Theadvantage is that the Trusty Carpets will now enjoy the use of IS,and the operation will be similar to Trusty so managing theiroperation might be quite easy. This alternative will cost around500USD to transfer the similar system to the other store.

Linkingthe Metro System with Trusty

Insteadof adopting similar operation as Metro, the owner can do networkingso that using the same resources in Metro Carpets he can manage tomanage both the operations of the store centrally but using the sameIS resources already in place. The advantage is the operations willbe managed centrally so “lesser” data loss. The disadvantage isusing a similar system which had problems it will be adopted hencemore problems in data storage, billing and record management.Thisalternative might cost 5000 USD in doing the networking and trainingthe users.

Adoptinga proposed new system

Thisinvolves designing a new system which will automate all the processesin the two stores. The new system will automate billing process,report generation for any activity taking place in the stores, managerecords storage and retrieval, an advertisement will also be doneonline to increase coverage. This will involve developing an onlineportal that customers can easily access from the comfort of theirhouses to place orders and also check on the progress of theirorders. The new system will have inventory management, employeemanagement, billing management, reporting, customers, and supplier’smodules. Each module will be using a central database system which iscentrally managed at the main office thus keeping track is easy.

Advantagesof adopting the proposed system:

i.Easy management of records. Everything can be found by a click ofa button

ii.Data integrity is upheld and there is no data loss since peoplewho use the system have credentials to access the modules they workon

iii.Automated billing process and report generation

iv.Extensive coverage since advertisements will also go live online.

v.Easy interaction between suppliers, customers, and the storessince they can access data and other services through the onlineportal and also online support services.

vi.Easy tracking of the installation process since the installers aremonitored by the system and the customer has to sign once the processis complete and give feedback

Disadvantages:High costs of acquiring the system and hiring professional ITpersonnel.

Hiringnew IT personnel might cost 1000USD and adopting this new systemmight cost 10000USD to acquire the system and 5000 USD doinginstallations and training of users on the new system.


Name Of Alternative

Positive Aspects

Negative Aspects

Maintaining the status quo

no additional costs incurred

data integrity and record management will be poor leading to data loss

Making Trusty Carpet to adopt and use the system used by Metro Carpets

Trusty will adopt an IS, which they currently do not have

Problems with Metro IS will be transferred to Trusty

Linking the Metro System with Trustys

Centralized data management

Problems that exist in both systems will persist

Adopt the proposed IS

  1. Easy management of records

  2. Uphold data integrity and prevents data loss

  3. Automated billing process and report generation

  4. Wide coverage

  5. Easy interaction between suppliers, customers and the stores

  6. Easy tracking of the installation process

  1. High initial cost

  2. Training of users


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