American identity


Overthe years, Americans have adopted qualities and traits of famousIndian warriors in their quest to form their distinctive identityfrom other races. The traits and qualities have been reflected in theAmerican literature for many years. Historically, there was a lot ofcontact with the ancient Indians during the process of colonyfoundation and settlement in America. The results of such contactsand interactions were mainly reflected in American literature such assermons, poetry and captivity narratives. This paper will explore andexamine ways through which Americans used Indian images in theprocess of identity creation.

Themost common method used by Americans to create their nationalidentity was through literature. The literature materials depictedIndian contacts and interactions predominantly creating a sense ofshared national experience. It is important to note that AncientIndians had formerly settled in majority of settlement. However,during the process of conquest and annexation of lands, theinteraction between the ensuing population resulted to anew breed ofpeople. In this sense, the white colonists were forced to adapt thenew, wild and hostile environments. The depiction of Americanidentity in this sense is a nation that resulted from interactions ofdifferent cultures that resulted to exchange of skills, behaviors aswell as beliefs.

Theseliterature materials presented a unique American experience thateventually differentiated them from other Englishmen. In addition,these unique literature materials could only be reflected andexplained through a unique American language. Analysis of theseAmerican literature has revealed a unique culture that was neithersimilar with the Indians themselves nor with the Englishmen. Theportrayal of Indians in the creation of develops an with all its values that depict white civilizationwholly intact.