Analysis of Onegin, a film by Aleksandr Pushkin


Analysisof Onegin,a film by Aleksandr Pushkin

Analysisof Onegin,a film by Aleksandr Pushkin

Thefilm describes a tragic tale of young lovers who end up with brokenhearts. The protagonist is named Onegin who is a socialite who isdeeply involved to seducing young women. However, within the courseof the story, he got bored with everything including that addictivehobby as well as the general country life. He met and developed afriendship with a Vladimir who was a poet (Onegin,2007). However, events that follow hereafter forces these two friendsin a duet that leads to the death of Vladimir. This death happened asa result of misunderstanding that forces Eugene to leave his countryestate.

Inmy opinion, I think Eugene rejected the love of Tatyana solelybecause he did not believe that he was capable to love. He hadhardened himself to flirting with girls during all social events andthat had been a game that he loved playing. However, when he met witha girl that he really seemed to connect with, he felt frightened toexplore his real emotions. For this reason, he rejected her toprotect her and himself. In addition, I believe that Eugene had felthurt by the love poetry that was written by his friend, Vladimir.This is because unlike him, Vladimir had the courage to show hisaffection towards a girl that he loved. This created rage thatblinded him to killing him. However, I also believe that he showedhis remorse for that action by leaving his country estate for life.

Thisis a classic tale of tragic love between young lovers and it is wellexecuted by the author. I believe that the author wanted to show whatlove can do to individuals. Despite the fact that someone will wantto run away from love, it always finds a way to connecting two souls.In addition, revenge by Tatyana against Eugene seems to be selfinflicted pain. The author wanted to show that love between twopeople can never be fought.


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