Analysis of the Queen Nefertiti Sculpture

Analysisof the Queen Nefertiti Sculpture

Analysisof the Queen Nefertiti Sculpture

PharaohAkhenaten and Queen Nefertiti ruled Egypt during the 14th centuryB.C. The queen has been considered as a symbol of grace and beautyfor the past 3,400 years (Gogo, 2015). The paper analyses a full-sizesculpture of the famous and beautiful Egyptian queen.

Egyptian Queen Nefertiti (, 2016)


Thelines used in the sculpture are diagonal, horizontal, vertical, andcurved lines. The left hand of the sculpture has been developed usingvertical lines. The base of the sculpture indicates horizontal lines.The hips of the sculpture were designed using curvy lines. The effectof the sculpture lines is to indicate the shape of various bodyparts. The hand is developed using straight lines. However, the hipsare developed using curvy lines to indicate enlargement. The shapesshown by the sculpture are both regular and irregular. The upper partof the body has two circular shapes to indicate the chest and breastarea. The base of the sculpture is rectangular shaped. The shape ofthe dress is irregular. The shapes have effects on the stature. Theirregular dress shape indicates that the dress is flexible and thuseasy to wear. The rectangular shape of the sculpture base indicatesstability. The sculpture is supposed to be in standing positionunless an external force is applied. The spatial elements areorganized in an open manner. This is because the historical perioddenoted by the sculpture can be identified, and it can also beanalyzed in historical, social, and religious contexts. The sculptureacts on the surrounding space by showing activity. One hand holds afan to generate fresh air. The sculpture period is classical becausethe artist strives to generate realistic human form consciously. Coldcast bronze is the medium used to develop the sculpture. The mediumwas readily accessible in Egypt during the reign of the queen. Thetexture improves meaning. Soft texture indicates skin parts. However,rough texture indicates the base of the sculpture and the fan.


Thepurpose of the sculpture is to illustrate historical events of Egypt.Queen Nefertiti is recognized in Egypt because of her beauty. Thedressing pattern shown by the stature illustrates royal appearancebecause of the crown and multi-layered clothing. The main influencefrom previous sculpture styles is the use of realistic human forms.The picture is an actual depiction of a royal woman. The main valueof the Egyptian culture depicted by the sculpture is effectiveleadership. The sculpture shows a queen because of the royal crown. Aqueen has the responsibility of assisting the King to rule properly.The artist uses the style to show leadership in Ancient Egypt. Thebackground of the artist influences his sculpture works. This isbecause he is in understanding the leadership patterns in the pastcenturies.


Thework is organized in realistic form. This enables the artist todemonstrate actual events that occur in the society. The sculpturedepicts a beautiful woman with royal instruments. This imagerepresents Queen Nefertiti because of her beauty and leadershipabilities.

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