Application Essay



My short-term personal and career goals are to work hard in schooland ensure that I excel in all subjects. By observing and interactingwith the people within my community, I have noted that in order foran individual to build a strong career, he or she must achievesuccess at all stages of their education. At times I always assumethat I still have a lot of time before I can achieve what I want inlife, like becoming independent, because I am still young. At thesame time, I keep reassuring myself time and again that in order tohave a happy future, I must start planning now. I believe that bypassing my exams I will feel happy and at the same time work towardsbuilding a strong career in future.

The short-term goals I have set will help me to achieve my long-termgoals. In the long run, I aspire to become very successful andindependent. The most important thing I want is to becomeindependent. This will mean that I can provide for my basic needswithout struggling, save for my future and that I can financiallyassist people in need in future. In order to become successful, I amworking hard in school to get the best grades, which will enable mesecure a good job. I know that employers are more interested inemploying individuals who are smart and intelligent. The best way todemonstrate that I have these traits in future will be through myacademic success.

What has helped me shape my goals is the type of people I associatewith. Many times, and especially when facing hardships in life, oneis likely to give up in achieving their goals. Sometimes I see youngpeople who have dropped out of school and are taking drugs becausethey are facing many emotional, physical, social or psychologicalproblems and have nobody to counsel them. I always make an effort totalk to my parents about how my day was and they always reassure meto remain focused in life. This way even when I am having a problem,I have someone to look up to, for counseling and assistance. I havealso made an effort to choose friends who are well mannered. I wouldnot like to lose my morals, and because I am well aware that friendsinfluence one’s behavior, it is better to associate with people whoshare the same good morals as mine.

The first step I have taken to reach my goals is to apply forscholarship. I am unable to pay for my entire college education, yetI am very interested in advancing my studies. If awarded thisscholarship, I will be a step ahead in meeting my career goals. Thenext step is to always remain focused. I have already decided on thecareer I want to pursue in future, in addition to a plan ‘B’. Iam always working towards learning more about my career. I am awarethat I will face very many challenges along the way. At times, I mayfeel like giving up, but I have promised myself that I must alwaysmarch forward in life. This is because any step taken backwards willonly derail me from achieving my goals.


I believe that when an individual gets the help that they need fromother people, it is always good to give back by helping others.Hence, after completing my education, I plan to start anon-governmental organization. The purpose of the organization willbe to raise funds that will be used in improving the lives of peoplein my community. In most cases, people depend on governments to meettheir needs. For instance, people who are unable to buy food, dependon food given out by the government. Over the years, I have realizedthat when people get used to being given things for free, they areless likely to work hard and be able to buy their own food. Thegovernment may not realize this, but the people living in suchcommunities are able to witness such trends.

Many times when I am taking a walk, going to school or visitingfriends, I see people in the streets begging for money. There arethose who borrow the money in a smart way, for example, by playingmusic that appeals to people to give tips. But there are those whosit around and just borrow. At night, the situation is worse, asthere are many homeless people. I believe that most of these peoplecan be helped and they can find meaningful ways to improve theirlives. Hence, I will establish an organization that will work towardshelping such people.

Through the NGO, I hope to get more volunteers to join me in myplans. I will do so by informing some of my family members and formerclassmates about the organization. Together with those who agree tojoin me, we will go to our community’s streets, targeting all theindividuals who need help. I will work towards counseling andrehabilitating the individuals. Once they have been rehabilitated, wewill try and look for employment opportunities for such individuals.The objective of the NGO will to ensure that they are fully empoweredand do not go back to living in the streets.

Also, there are families within my community that are struggling withteenagers who have joined bad company. Such young adults haveresorted to taking drugs and engaging in petty theft. It appears asthough their parents and families have given up on them. Most arearrested and re-arrested, yet they do not change their bad vices. Irealize that most of these children do not have people that careabout them, and as a result they develop a ‘don’t care attitude’.My organization will also target such individuals show them thatthey are important and loved. Later, the NGO will counsel them on whythey need to change their lifestyle to ensure that they are acceptedback in their families.

My plan will impact my immediate community, as well as a broader one.In most cases, people learn from the experiences of other people. Theproblems experienced in my community are issues that othercommunities face as well. But people rarely have the courage orknowhow to address such issues. By observing the changes that willhappen in our community, through my organization, other people mayborrow and apply the same in their communities. This way, more peopleoutside my community will benefit from my plans.


Weston 2013 states that “our routine lifestyle will throw outchallenges from time to time”. Similar to everybody, I have alsofaced challenges, which I have had to overcome. The challenges havebeen personal and financial.

I cannot conclude that I come from a very poor family, but at thesame time my family is not financially capable to do all the thingswe desire. My parents have always struggled to ensure that theyprovide for all my needs. I have witnessed how they solely depend ontheir paychecks to pay for bills. This has meant that in life, I havenot had the privilege of buying luxurious things that I have seenwith my age mates. At times my parents could not afford to give memoney to buy fast foods like other children because they had toaccount for every coin they used.

There are times when I compare myself with other children and I tendto feel that I am unlucky. However, I have managed to deal with thefinancial challenge by reassuring myself that no condition ispermanent. It is possible for situations to change. Someone could bepoor one day, but very wealthy in future. I encourage and reassuremyself that if other individuals have struggled and become successfulin life, I am no exception. I know that provided I become focused inachieving my goals, I will also become victorious.

The other challenge has been personal. In the past I was veryapprehensive of new environments or people I did not know. Althoughit is normal to feel shy and afraid when in a new place, I tend tothink that my fear was abnormally high. I always admired people thatwere able to speak in front of large crowds, and felt bad that myfear was stopping me from doing the same. In order to deal with thischallenge, I decided to become actively involved in extracurricularactivities, especially playing games. I realized that byparticipating in the games I liked, I was not afraid of new peopleand was able to interact freely. In the process, I was able to buildmy confidence.

I can confidently say that I have been successful in overcoming mychallenges. This has affected my goals in a positive way. I want toexcel in my studies and secure a well paying job in future. Myfinancial challenge has encouraged me to work harder, to ensure thatI have an affluent future. I want to be able to buy for my childrenall the things that my parents are unable to buy for me at themoment. I also admire how my parents struggle to provide for me,which encourages me to work hard and ensure that I am capable ofdoing the same once they are old.

Overcoming my fear of new places and individuals has had a positiveimpact on my personal character. In order to overcome my fear, I havelearnt to first observe people I meet for the first time, or newplaces I visit. This is a good trait because it ensures that one isable to scrutinize and learn a lot from other people. I have alsolearnt to respect the decisions of other people and to always listento what other individuals say.


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