Balanced Scorecard Briefing

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Planning is a vital tool in any given business for guaranteedsuccess. Therefore, in making sure the planning processsubstantiates, pertinent business need to assimilate sizeable aspectsto propel them towards the stipulated goals. Thus, the balancedscorecard acts as the right platform for these actions since it is astrategic planning system, used by different business functions toalign the basic tasks to the set goals and visions. The balancescorecard essence to a business is evident with the concept that itcollaborates and enhances the external and internal communicationaspects that allow the monitoring of an organization’s performanceagainst a succinct laid out strategic goals (Niven, 2011). Based onthis realization, the balanced scorecard will be used in strategizingan implementation platform for California Telehealth Network, as amove to make the entire process substantiate.

California Telehealth Network Overview

The California Telehealth Network is a leading agency because ithelps connect with people and improve access to quality andaffordable healthcare services (Home, n.d.). The success of thisprocess is made possible by the fact that the organization suppliesthe physicians, hospitals and clinics with applicable services andtechnologies that improve patients care moreover, guaranteeingrevenue optimization and access to care.


For a surety that the overall Telehealth program substantiates in thepertinent organization, there is the need for concise objectives thatpropels it to successful grounds. Acting on this notion, theformulated objectives include:

• Extend access care to remote locations

• Formulate a cost saving model

• Extend the marketing service scope

• Provide a favorable environment

• Effective training programs for the involved workers

Each of the formulated objectives has a succinct metric measure aswell as initiatives that make sure the overall process is triumphant.The objective to extend care services to remote locations will beinitiated via the creation of a telehealth technology program thatbridges the existing gap in medical access. The measure metric tothis objective is an increase in care services among the rural targetgroup (Burych, 2016). Secondly, the financial aspect is imperative asper the program since there is the need to save the overall cost inthe marketing process (By acknowledging the weaknesses of yourbusiness, you can manage and eliminate threats that might otherwisecatch you by surprise, n.d.). The initiation process in cost savingprogram is embraced at the program’s commencement, and its metricmeasure is reduced access care cost for people who had to travel toaccess the services offered to them remotely. The creation of afavorable environment is typically initiated by the training programthus the merger of the two objectives. Therefore, as the CaliforniaTelehealth Network, the right training of involved employees willhelp make the entire process victorious since they are endorsed withknowledge that dictates what to be done, at what time and in whichgiven manner. The metric measure to these objectives is a quick andefficient response to health care among remote clients.

Operational Recommendations and Strategic Control Mechanisms

The formulation of California Telehealth Network is such an aptapproach in the pertinent organization since it leads to conformityto the trending medical improvements. However, typical to newprograms among the target consumers, there is the need to have aclear outline of action since failure to do so usher in failure. Asthe move to mitigate failure in the formulated business plan in theCalifornia Telehealth Network, dissimilar operational recommendationsare sizeable since they help pinpoint the identified weaknesses andthe strategy to employ in containing the entire process. First, thereis the need to have a clear understanding of the consumers’ wants.That is, the patients are entrenched in online search, and thisshould act as the platform to sell the program’s objectives tothem. In doing so, the physicians need to meet the consumer wants bybeing reliable and provide high-quality services (Business PlanTemplate Summary, n.d.). Additionally, as per the Telehealth program,immediate success may fail to show, and this calls for theformulation of a program that considers both short-term and long-termoutcomes of the entire process. With surety that the recommendedoperational strategies are revitalized, the strategic controlmechanism is enhanced.

Strategies to reconfigure and align to the organization’sstructure

The success of Telehealth program is not guaranteed and based on therecommendations, and the organization needs to tactfully assemble theright aspects to make sure the deviations are lessened, and theoutcomes are invigorated realignment and reconfiguration of theoverall structure. The move primarily should focus on deconstructingthe new embrace from traditional encounters (Seven strategies fortelehealth to shape the future of healthcare delivery | Rock Health,n.d.). That is, the information flow in the organization should bemapped to the extent that secures information assurance andmedication list for improved protection. Secondly, being visionary isa mandatory aspect the program should consider (10 Critical Steps fora Successful Telemedicine Program, n.d.). That is, the program beingfocused on the provision of remote healthcare services additionaldistant services should be included. For instance, the incorporationof video consultation or cell phone photo transfer should help thephysicians to have a clear understanding of the patient’s situationfor better services. In overall, as per the California TelehealthNetwork balance scorecard strategizing, there is confidence that theprogram is destined to succeed more so, if the recommendations areobserved and the right realignment tactics are prioritized (Asefeso,2013).


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