Biblical Description of Sin against God


BiblicalDescription of Sin against God

BiblicalDescription of Sin against God

Thereare quite a number of terms that the Bible uses to describe evil andhuman sinfulness in the world. Each of the term used underscores adistinct aspect of human sin. It is, therefore, a matter of greatessence that the different terms used in the Holy Scriptures todescribe human sin should be a topic of study. This paper will seekto describe three examples of the different terms that the HolyScriptures uses to describe evil and human sinfulness in the worldagainst God.

Oneof the major terms used to describe human sin in the Bible is theHebrew word .The basic meaning of the term isevil or bad or blemished (2 Kings 2:19). The usage of this term ishighly prevalent in the Old Testament. For instance, we read in the 2kings about the waters of Jericho ‘going bad’. Also, in the bookof Deuteronomy 17:21 and Leviticus 27:10, the term rá (blemishedcattle) has been used metaphorically to refer something that is evil,sinful and unworthy for sacrifice. Since a blemish is a defect thatdestroys the perfect nature, sin has also done the same to Humanbeing who was initially perfect and created in the image of Godbecause of the original sin.

Anothercommon word that has been used in place of the term human sin ischatta’ath. The basic meaning of chatta’athis sin or sinful (Grubbs &amp Kimmitt, 2013). This term originatedfrom the word chata’this refers to missing the mark. For example, in Romans 7:15, St.Paul wrote that “For I do not that good which I will but the evilwhich I hate.

Lastly,the word opheilemahas been used severally in the Bible to refer to sin. The termOpheilemaisa Greek word that means debt (Romans 4:4). In one of the biblicalusage, the term has been employed in one of the version of the prayerin Luke, with the translated verse being Forgive us as we forgivethose who are indebted to us.


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