Borderline Personality Disorder Traits and Sexuality


BorderlinePersonality Disorder Traits and Sexuality

Borderlinepersonality disorder (BPD) affects interpersonal relationships.Individual with the illness are likely to have experienced physicalabuse, psychological torture, and emotional drain. There exist littleresearch studies linking BDP to sexuality. In examining the matter,Northey, Dunkley, Klonsky, and Gorzalka (2016) aim at exploringpersonality characteristics that affect sexual behaviors, sensation,and compulsivity. Some people have difficulties in balancing andmanaging their emotions. The characteristics influence them to makeunwise decisions aimed at concealing their challenges. Sexuality is amatter that is largely influenced by behaviors and motivationalfactors.

Theresearchers collected data from a group of undergraduate students whowere required to fill online questionnaires. The approach sought toassess BPD signs and sexual behaviors. Multiple linear regression wasused to analyze the findings. The researchers attempted to enhancethe confidentiality of the students who participated in the exercisedue to the sensitivity of the matter. Permission was sought from theuniversity’s Behavioral Research Ethics Board.

Thefindings reveal that there exist a significant relationship betweensexuality variables and BPD symptoms. Understanding the features ofthe disorders is instrumental in formulating appropriateinterventions for the victims. The society has a better understandingof the ways to identify children with psychological disturbances. Thestudy is informative to a student in enabling one understand abnormalpsychology.

Thefindings help in enhancing people’s comprehension of the formationof romantic and sexual relationships between people with borderlinepersonality traits. The study is essential in the formulation oftherapeutic interventions. The integrated approach may helpindividual and group therapists in the creation of awareness onskills to adopt good sexual behaviors. Moreover, the findings mirrorthe actions adopted by some members of the society, hence,dependable.


Northey,L., Dunkley, C., Klonsky, E., &amp Gorzalka, B. (2016). Borderlinepersonality disorder traits and sexuality: Bridging a gap in theliterature. TheCanadian Journal of Human Sexuality,25(2),158-168.