Brains and Neurons


Brainsand Neurons

Brainsand Neurons

Importanceof Brain and Neuron Transmitters’ Information

Aneuron is the primary component of the brain. The neurons carry outvarious activities in the body and mind, but their chief role is toprocess and transmit information (Hedges &amp Burchfield, 2006).Neurons can be located in the spinal cord and peripheral nerves, aswell as the brain. The brain is the organ that manages the functionsof the body and its systems. Therefore, neuron transmitters are thefundamental working unit of the brain and they specialize inconducting brain and body function messages. The Neurotransmittersare chemical messengers that carry signals between neurons (Hedges &ampBurchfield, 2006). Therefore, it is important for people to learn andunderstand about the brain and neurons to comprehend how their bodywork. By learning about these body cells, people would be able tocomprehend mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, and bipolardisorders among others. Studying about brains and neurons assistspeople to know that mental diseases are simply brain illnesses. Thus,it is important to understand the brains and neurons, to relate tochanges in physiology, anatomy, and chemistry of the nervous system.Learning about these cells allows one to know how the brain grows andworks in an ordinary person and what happens when brain advancementgoes awry, resulting in mental disorders. Hence, knowing about thebrain and neurons is important because it makes people aware thateverything they do is because of neurons communicating with eachother in the nervous system and the brain.

PeopleUsing Drugs and Alcohol

Peoplethat have alcohol problem encounter challenges because drugs anddrinking impair the brain. Hence, the neurons are hindered fromperforming their work efficiently. Alcohol interferes with theprocess of message delivery and receiving in the brain cellsresulting in mental disabilities. Alcohol and drugs are usuallychemicals that tap into the communication structure and block theneurons from sending, receiving, and processing information.Sometimes drugs like marijuana and heroin have chemical structuressimilar to neurotransmitters, and they can activate neurons, but notin the same way as natural neurotransmitters (Hedges &ampBurchfield, 2006). Thus, the information about the brains and neuronsassists me when dealing with individuals with drug and alcoholissues, since it equips with the knowledge about the symptoms,temporary and long-term effects on their brain cells.


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