Business Expansion and Sustainability

BusinessExpansion and Sustainability

[ CITATION You14 l 1033 ] statesthat in the ever increasing competition in the labor markets, mostfirms are finding it difficult to retain as well as attract staff. Assuch, it is of paramount that employers comprehend the factors thatinfluence the retention, attracting as well as training of staff.Therefore, the paper attempts to explore the requirements necessaryfor selecting the right staffing for a company. It also aims toexamine the strategies that can be employed to ensure that theapplicants meet the requirements of the job. It also endeavors tooutline a long-term recruitment plan which contains the variouscomponents to ensure that the recruitment strategy is in line withthe succession plan of the company. The paper further evaluates thestrategies used for branding to assist in attracting only the mostqualified personnel to the organization. In addition, the papersuggests various methods of communication to aid the company inreaching out to the right applicants. This is in a bid to integratethe method with the strategies used in branding for the purpose ofattracting a credible workforce in the organization. Furthermore, thepaper evaluates the selection processes for recruiting new employees.As such, the paper aims to identify the criteria for selection of thenew employees. In regard to this, the paper examines the effect ofthe criteria and its ability to retain employees for a long term. Inaddition, the paper suggests the methods of assessment that can beemployed to select the right candidates for the organization. Withthe methods recommended, the paper further evaluates the effect ofeach of the methods. Finally, the paper explores the key predictorsof assessing the candidate’s knowledge, skills, abilities as wellas other experiences.

Requirementof a job and their effects

TheJob requirements for an organization include honesty, integrity andability to work under minimal supervision.

Implicationof job requirement in a firm

Theimportance of integrity is key especially in the service industry.Customers may want special treatment for a particular service, andthey may attempt to use a bribe for special consideration. Withoutintegrity, the employee can take the bribe thus affecting theintegrity of the firm. The ability to work under minimum supervisionis a job requirement that applies majorly for managerial positionsthat require the individual to supervise other employees. As such,the employee is not supervised by anyone other than their superiorand as such, can result to misconduct in the office. However, the jobrequirement ensures that the person understands what is required asit necessitates self-discipline for that particular position [ CITATION Mic14 l 1033 ].

Strategyto ensure applicants meet the job requirements

Forcompanies to ensure that they always get the right fit of applicants,they can use a recruiting agency. The agency undertakes theresponsibility of recruiting staff based on the guidelines offered bythe company. Consequently, since the agency understands the roles andthe positions to be filled, they can assist in recruiting the rightcandidate quickly [ CITATION Ric13 l 1033 ].

Long-termrecruitment plan and its components

Company’sability to hire and retain staff affects their firm’s performanceas well as position in the market. As such, firms have to understandthe prevailing factors that affect the recruitment of staff as wellas their retention. In order for firms to recruit new staff, there isa need for the following.

Understandingof the company’s strategy. The background for the process ofrecruitment is tied to the strategy that is communicated whichclearly shows the message of the brand, the targeted candidates aswell as the approaches to be employed

Applicant’spipeline. It’s paramount that firms develop a pipeline for theapplicants in a bid to ensure that the pipeline is continuous. Thiswill require planning of the workforce as well as branding.

Employmentbranding. This is the process of firms developing their image to gaina competitive advantage and to attract employees who view the firm asthe best employer.

Speedis also a component that affects the plan of recruitment. Companiesare required to be fast in their ability to fill vacant positionsrequiring candidates that are in high demand. As such, firms have toincrease their hiring speed to stay afloat in the competition.Therefore, this affects the planning of succession [ CITATION You14 l 1033 ].

Brandingstrategies employed to attract qualified applicants in anorganization


[ CITATION Mic14 l 1033 ] areof the opinion that brands from firms spell out the importance ofusing their products and as such, the employer brands illustrate thebenefits tied to employees choosing the firm as their employer. Branding assists in creating an image of the company as well as aname that is unique. Hence, this is achieved in campaigns ofadvertising.


Theemployees are better placed to vouching for the company as they arepart of it. As such, the employees are provided with the necessarytools to spread the benefits of the employer to the outside businessenvironment. As such, the leadership of the company is able toevaluate the skills and talents that they need to choose.Consequently, it helps attract employees with a high retention rate[ CITATION Ric13 l 1033 ].


Thisinvolves the ability of a company to make the services as well as itsactivities motivating and enjoyable to perform. As such, thetargeted prospects undertake tasks in the company and as a result,the majority would prefer to work for such a company. An example isthe Marriott company that invited the applicants to virtually takepart in the management of the hotel. As a result, it led to the firmgetting the required number of staff.

Communicationmethods to employ new staff and their effect

Thefollowing are communication methods that can be used to reach out toapplicants. They include the advertisement from the job boards, useof advertising agencies as well as the use of print media. Notably,the integration of the branding strategies and the methods ofcommunication improves the endeavors of recruiting new staff. Thecommunication methods employed enhances the company’s visibilitywhich is key when attracting new staff [ CITATION Mic14 l 1033 ].

Selectionprocesses for recruiting new employees

Theprocesses used in the selection of new employees involves the use ofpersonality and cognitive ability. These practices have received alot of research and are easily applicable. Evidence shows that thetests used for assessing the cognitive ability illustrateddifferences in the subgroup of the races researched. However, [ CITATION You14 l 1033 ]resolved this by conducting an extensive research on the challengesof balancing the diversity as well as validity. As such, this methodcan be used to hire new staff in the company.


Extensiveresearch has been done to ascertain the contribution of personalityto the performance of the team in an organization. However, fakingbecomes a major factor when considering personality. In regard tothis, [ CITATION Mic14 l 1033 ]conducted a research to determine whether it can influence theperformance of an individual. Results indicated that there was nocorrelation between faking and performance on practice. Consequently,personality can be used to assist in assessing new employees.

Selectioncriteria when hiring new employees

[ CITATION Ric13 l 1033 ] areof the opinion that businesses can employ various recruitment methodsto recruit their staff. They could use both external and internalsourcing, sourcing from a third party, interviews as well as aselection of the right candidate.

Internalsourcing involves the company advertising for either a new or aposition that has fallen vacant to the employees existing in thecompany. The advantage of this is that there is no training requiredfor the applicant that occupies the spot since they are from the samecompany. Furthermore, the costs incurred when hiring a new staff aredecreased such as those incurred when running background checks ofstaffs. Consequently, it encourages loyalty.

Externalsourcing is a recruitment method where the candidate search isundertaken through the tools of recruitment located externally. Theycomprise of print media advertisements, online as well as job boards.The method encourages applicants that have and lack skills in thefield being advertised. It is a method used to fill a position thatis not possible to fill with an existing employee [ CITATION You14 l 1033 ].

Sourcingfrom a third party

Thistype of sourcing involves the employment of an agency to recruit onbehalf of the company. These sources employ the use of tools to findthe right candidate. For instance, they may offer salary packagesthat are competitive.


Theseare primary methods for recruitment. The method should be used whenthere is ample time to conduct the interviews. Hypothetical scenariosare presented to the applicant and their judgement is evaluated.

Selectionof the candidate

Theinterviews assist the recruiting personnel to make judgements on theapplicant best fit for the vacant position. Candidates are encouragedto ask the interviewer question to show their interest in theposition being offered.

Assessmentmethods employed to select new employees for your organization

Theassessment methods employed include situational judgement tests aswell as the use of the samples of work. Their analysis is covered onthe job predictors section [ CITATION Mic14 l 1033 ].


Situationaljudgement tests. These present to the applicant`s situations that arerelated to the work. The applicants are offered several choices ofbehavior for solving the situation. They are then requested to givethe option that is most or least effective. Thus, this method isuseful as it is applied at the various levels. For instance, it canbe used for the preparation of assignments on an international levelas well as for training.

Samplesof work

Thework samples offer applicants the platform for showcasing theirexperience and skills as the tasks are identical to the ones in thebusiness environment. Consequently, these samples are ideal for theachievement of diversity as well as validity.

Centersof Assessment

Thecenters of assessment present the applicants with various activitiesthat are tailor-made to evaluate their various competencies. As such,the center of assessment employs around five exercises in order tomeasure more than ten competencies. These exercises evaluate theapplicant on the basis of their communication, interpersonal as wellas problem-solving skills [ CITATION You14 l 1033 ].


Researchindicates that interviews continue to be used to evaluate the skillsand experience by employees. These tend to evaluate the applicant`sability to use their skills and experiences in answering thequestionnaire.


Inthe past, organizations used strategies of marketing as well asbranding to encourage brand loyalty thus contributing to customerretention. Furthermore, it assisted in positioning the company in themarket. Similarly, firms are employing the same strategy in order toimprove their image as well as making their companies more desirablefor employees. The challenges facing staffing necessitates thestaffing scholars to shift their focus from the recruitment that ison an individual level to the one that is selected based on research.Such will be in line with the objectives of the company.Consequently, the paper recommends additional research to beundertaken on staffing in order to comprehend the facets that areneglected [ CITATION Ric13 l 1033 ].


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