Business Model Generation

BusinessModel Generation

Theconcept of design thinking has been under study for quite a while. Itis believed to be a way of improving the performance of any business.Ideation is the second step in the design thinking process(Wattanasupachoke,2012). Ideation refers to the generation of ideas for the purpose ofimproving a business or a process (Wattanasupachoke,2012).


Thereare many ideation strategies. According to Mattimore(2012),there are seven ideation strategies. Among the seven strategies,questioning assumptions is one of those that appeal to me. In manycompanies, there are always beliefs on how people do things and whichare followed by everyone. Many times, people just do things blindly.By questioning the assumptions that individuals have during everypoint of the product development process, one will be able toappreciate the new ideas and possibilities.

Anotherideation strategy that appeals to me is triggered brainwalking. Withthis technique, an individual or a group of people select aparticular aspect of a problem to be solved and generate ideas(Mattimore,2012).The ideas generated become the creative prompts. The prompts are thenevaluated and the best solution to solve a particular problem orimprove a process can easily be found.


Ina situation where I used an ideation strategy, there was a time I wasgiven a task to market a product. I was supposed to take on twobiggest competitors, and I knew very well that I could not competewith them head to head from a product point of view and could notoutspend them in marketing. Using the questioning assumptionstrategy, I had to question and write down all the assumptions that Ihad. Using these assumptions, I was able to come up with the bestpackaging and able to beat the competitor.


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