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Thebusiness plan for Cookies café is an honest disclosure to itslenders and investors. The main intention here is to set businessexpectations that are practical and that help the potential investorsto disregard any doubts regarding the profitability and the financialviability of this enterprise. Business owners, especially start-upbusinesses are usually prone to portray a very optimistic picture ofthe business, focusing solely on its strong points, but camouflagingits weaknesses and risks. However, we as the owners of Cookies caféare dedicated and committed to the financial success of the venture.As a result, it is our aim to have an effective business, marketingand financial plan, which serve both as our tool to obtaining enoughcapital, and our roadmap to success. It should be mentioned thatevery kind of precaution has been taken for validating the financialand operational models of the business by emphasizing on projectionsthat are realistic. This has been achieved in the following ways-

Thefinancial projections and needs outlined in this plan are based onthe true facts observed in the fast food industry. These projectionsare not rooted in mere optimism. The costs, capital requirements andother financial projections were validated against the cost averagesof the National Restaurant industry in order to come up withrealistic estimates. Thorough analysis of the market was done beforecoming up with the concept of this business, and before formulatingall the financial, marketing, advertising and operational plans.Rather than building the plan based on preconceived and theoreticalconcepts, we did a detailed analysis of the market and the targetcustomers in order to avoid marketing and planning myopia. In short,the business plan for Cookies café is solely based on what thecustomers want. The café is focused on providing the customersexactly what they need. As a result, it is ensured that the targetcustomers will try out our products and services, and through qualityofferings, we will ensure utmost customer satisfaction, and willcreate a strong and loyal customer base.

Inaddition to that, we realize that for ensuring enough capital for thebusiness, we need a protected financial plan. Consequently, thestart-up cost includes a contingency safeguard for making sure thatadequate financing is available for the business to start itsoperations and run its day-to-day business activities smoothly forthe first 6 months. In this plan, we also addressed all the commonmistakes made by new entrepreneurs. Therefore, we took all the commonand uncommon risks into our consideration that can lead to thefailure of a fast food restaurant business. And then we came up witha compact plan for mitigating all these risks. All these mitigationstrategies are valid, practical and widely used by industry experts.Most importantly, as the owners we are committed to take fullpersonal responsibility for all the financial debts.

Ontop of that, our pricing strategy is to keep all our product andservice offerings within the reach of our customers. As a result,Cookies café will be a business that will make sure profits for itsinvestors and owners, and a satisfying place to work for the staffs.It should be noted that, through the application of this productionstyle, this business will manage to avail fresh and unique productsto its customers since their preparation is on request and as pertheir preferences. In addition, it will promote efficiency inaddition to streamlining operations for the enterprise. Moreover, TheCookies Café recognizes the need to balance healthiness and leisurefor their clients. Hence, the business will stock healthy foodoptions like fruit snacks and fresh juice to meet the preferences oftheir health conscious clientele. The Cookies Café also recognizesthe need to provide affordable products and services. Currently, theexisting restaurants in the locality have priced their productsexpensively hence limiting the spending options of potentialcustomers. This business will seek to capitalize on the prevailingsituation by pricing its products competitively. The management willaim at striking a balance between the quality, quantity, and thepricing. Such a strategy will attract the youth and the middle-classcustomers to the business besides creating customer loyalty.

Finally,this Café will aim at maximizing the consumer experience by offeringfree delivery of customer orders within the locality. Such a servicewill promote the business since potential customers who may not be ina position to walk in can still enjoy the product offerings throughthe delivery service. Such is the extent to which the Cookies Caféwill go to fulfill customer needs. Our mission is not just to have agreat selection of foods, but also to provide superior and efficientservice to the customer, as customer satisfaction is our top mostpriority. We will use state of the art technology, internetfacilities, and a responsive website in order to provide the bestpossible services along with high quality foods to our customers,which will support our value proposition. As a result, this businessplan combines an efficient workforce, entertainment, ambience andvariety for creating a place where the customers will be both dinedand entertained in a relaxed and friendly environment.

BusinessPlan Part 1: Business Vision for Cookies Café


Cookiescafé hasa vision for providing customers with an excellent combination offood at a customer friendly price together with fun packages. Thecompany will be the ultimate answer to the ever increasing demand forfast food,which thecustomers will consume as they do window shopping and after shoppingin a mall. In the current competitive environment, it is very hard toclearly differentiate one fast food joint from another. Our mainvision hence is to create a new outlet located near a highly crowdedshopping mall, preferably a prominent shopping mall in thetown.In this business plan, the creators have suggested a location tolaunch the business.

Cookiescafé will encourage theyouthto come along with their friends and families by enticing them usingcreative advertisingand environment,fresh ingredients, and unique styles of serving the customers. Thecompany will also develop a unique brand that will give its customersa new experience. The company will strive to be a major fast foodjoint in the locality. Lastly, the company would want its customersto experience something new and interesting.

Needfor New Products and services

Cookiescafé will introduce some new products into the market apart from theusual food provided in other fast food joints. The company hasanalyzed the market and discovered that there is a need for some newproducts and services into the market and, therefore, will introducea new typesof fries to the market such as fries made from banana, sandwiches anda number of new blend sauces. New services that will be introduced bythe company will include offering their services daily from 9 am to 9pm. The company will also feature a unique selection of meals inevery two weeks.

Overviewof the Market

Inthe locality, the expenses on fast food have steadily risen in therecent past.

Although,there has been an increase of new entrants to the market, the fastfood industry is yet to reach high levels. The sector has witnessed asignificant increase in the number of outlets including fancybakeries, restaurants and fast food franchises. The amount of moneybeing spent by all the consumers in the area above 55% of the totalconsumer expenditure and also more in spent on recreation andleisure.

Anotheraspect of the market that is quite appealing is the high number ofour main target consumers who enjoygoing out particularly during weekends. In the area, a largenumber of young people who are currently studying in either collegesor high schoolsenjoy activities such as window shopping and going tothe mall duringthe weekend will be our primary target market. Another target of ourcompany will be families, especially young families who frequent themalls during weekends. Lastly, Cookies Café will seek to provide aplace of snacks, leisure and recreational activities to the middleclass who would otherwise lack such a place.

Themain concept of Cookies Café will be appeal to a wide market thathas a craving for fast food. According to various studies done in thearea, more than half of the population interviewed in the area liketo consume fast food. Almost 90 % of the people interviewed admittedthat they like fast food.

Ourmain target market will be the youth. This is due to the fact thatthe youth participate actively in sporting activities when they arein school, and as they leave their schools, they will be likely tovisit a fast food joint before going home.

Oursecondary target will be the working class. This is because most ofthe people in the working class category like to visit the shoppingmall. The shopping mall will be frequented by both the working classand those who are seekingjobs.

Anothermarket for our company will be the tourists. Areas around d the mallare sometimes visited by tourists and, therefore, a fast food jointin the locality will be a necessity. Cookies Café will hence caterto the tourists who visit the area.


Atfirst, Cookies Fries will launch a branch in the surrounding area totest the market. Opening up a branch will allow the company to testthe market and attract the first customers. This outlet will alsohelp the company as a model which will guide the company in openingup branches in the future. The company will then proceed to launchthe main branch near the shopping mall.

CookiesFries will then market its products and services through the use oflocal media and mainstream media. Apart from using the media, thecompany will also market its products and services through the localstores and outlets. The company will use a lively and fun environmentto market itself to the consumers.

Thecompany will price its products and services on an average price ascompared to its competitors in the market. Cookies Fries will chargecustomers an average price so as to serve the majority of youths. Thecompany will also make use of a number of marketing programs toincrease the awareness of its products and services. One of thesemarketing programs that will be adopted by the company is oralmarketing and use of local stores. This is because they arerelatively cheaper and more effective in crowded places.


Ourstudy on the market and competition revealed that, depending on thetime of the year, the industry experiences either positive ornegative impacts. We, therefore, deemed it relevant that providingproducts and services will depend on the time of the year. This trendappears to be consistent and thus, our company can achieve growthonly if it tailors it services in line with the changing demands ofthe consumers.

Whereasthere is a bit of viability and stability in the café’s market,the market can be quite unpredictable at times as it is seasonal,sensitive to pricing and also dependent on tourist influx inthe area. We also found that new entrants to the market will absorb anumber of middle class and the working class.

Thefeedback from the consumers who was introduced to Cookies Café’sproducts and services during the testing period in the first branchof the company shows that the levels of the usage of the products andservices were relatively lower than the ones,which hadbeen projected by the company. This shows that a great effort will beneeded in marketing to both remove the negative perception from theminds of the consumers and to build a good image of the company’sbrand in the consumers. For instance, the company could use theattractive images of the company’s products.

Anotherthing that was considered during the feasibility study is the pricingof the company’s products and services. The public’s sensitivityto the pricing of goods and services of a company will make thecompany to considerate in its pricing of products and services.

Ourstudy also showed that the company has a number of strengths andweaknesses of the company. Strengths of our company will be itspositive image, extensive products and services, and a high numberhuman traffic. The weaknesses or roadblocks of the company willinclude consumers, who are very sensitive to the pricing, andunstable market.

Ourvisibility study also shows that there are a number of competitionsof Cookies Café and, therefore, the company must diversify itsproducts and services as well as come up with new and unique brandsthat will set them above the rest of the company’s.


CookiesCafé will definitely grow, diversify, and build its brand. Thecurrent state of the market, the high influx of students and parentsshowthat the targetmarket of the company is going to improve. Other factors such astourists will also contribute to the growth of the company.

Competitiveanalysis and strategic assessment

Allentrepreneurial ventures face competition. Even if you stand alone inthe city, you face competition from other enterprises where customersprefer to spend their money instead of with you. With the increase intechnological advancement and use of the internet to locate where tobuy goods and services, businesses are not only competingdomestically but also globally. Potential competitors can bedescribed as companies that deal with substitute products ororganization that deal in similar products which make your ownredundant.

Theproposed venture (Cookies Café) is aimed at providing snacks,leisure, and recreational facilities and in that case, we expect toface competition from fancy bakeries, restaurants, and other fastfood franchises. Some of these companies command a large market shareand will pose a significant barrier to entry for our business. Someof the conditions that would place these competitors at a superiorbusiness position would be economies of scale and having sole controlover raw materials and supply channels. Economies of scale enablegreat entrepreneurial ventures to enjoy substantial discounts whichplace them in a better position to undercut their prices which scareaway new entrants into the market. These existing companies also havesole control over the primary raw materials or have made long-termcontracts with the manufacturers which restrain new businesses fromaccessing them. Other factors that would hinder Cookies Café fromgaining a competitive advantage would be presence ofloyalcustomers who are hard to change, inadequate start-up capital,which wouldboost our ability to compete, inadequate technology and inadequatelytrained employees areamongother factors (Porter, 1998). Nonetheless, we are determined to usewhatever strategies and marketing techniques wehave at our disposal toplace our business in a better position within the industry andcompete favorably.

Theprimary target for our products will be the young generation who havea huge craving for fast food. This implies that to lure them to ourcompany we need to be located strategically and exposed to theprimary market. Positioning our branches to areas near learninginstitutions, playing grounds and regions where the majority of theyouths and children crowd would give us an opportunity to attract newcustomers. We are also determined to use aggressive marketingcampaigns to make potential customers aware of our presence.Advertising will be done over and over via the media, posters, andbillboards to ensure that we reach a large geographical area.However, advertising does not necessarily convince people to buy fromus. In that case, we shall employ the use of free samples and gifts.Everybody likes free services and gifts. This strategy will lurecustomers to our business. Cookies Café will offer a free month ofservices which will enable the market taste our products and servicesand distinguish them with those of our competitors. We shall alsodevise a method through which we can offer after sales services. Thismore likely to be used to retain our customers even after the freemonth of services are over. “Romancing our customers” will beanother strategy we shall use to steal customers from ourcompetitors. This will involve sweet- talking customers out of thebusinesses they regularly deal with by letting them know our concernfor them and how it would pain us if they were disappointed by thosethey engaged in business with (Porter, 1998).

TheCookies Café will also employ the use of marketing techniques toattract new customers. Such tactics willincludeattraction tactics. Here our primary strategy will be differentiatingour products to make them unique and distinguishable from those ofour competitors. Our principal form of differentiation will be uniquepackaging with attractive colors. Products that stand out in anymarket have a tendency of attracting a good number of customers.Another tactic would be developing new channels of sale where theprimary channels are flooded. Lastly, we will be able to networkthrough attending trade fairs and exhibitions and being involved inlocal business associations and events. Closer involvement in thelocal society upholds the business’ image. It will also give us theopportunity to interact with the customers and understand their needswhich will enable us to shape our products in agreement with thedemand (Porter, 1998).

Therelative position of any business venture within its industry is anessential determinant of its performance. Strategic positioning willfocus on making our company competitive in the future whileconsidering the dynamic business environment in the food industry. Itwill also aim at ensuring continuity and survival of our organizationthrough differentiating our products from those of the competitors’. Various factors will be considered while determining the position ofour organization within the food industry. They include changesbrought about by technological advancement, strengths and interestsof our organizations, market trends and developments and competitiveopportunities among others. The Cookies Café has several strategicpositioning openings,which postincredible opportunities both internally and externally. They includecompetitive positioning, demographic-related positioning, valuepositioning and quality positioning among others.


Competitivepositioning will focus on placing the Cookies Café on a leadershipposition within the industry to enable us to gain a competitiveadvantage. This kind of strategic positioning will be used todemonstrate how superior our products and services are compared tothose of our competitors. It will also be a major counterstrategy inaltering the image our opponents wish to portray and put ourorganization in that top position. A leadership position will providean opportunity to expand, increase niches for new products andservices and also ensure global optimization and relocation ofcritical functions. As we grow and move global, we shall takeadvantage of all chances to diversify our operations to maintain ourcompetitive response. Several internal opportunities will alsodevelop. For instance, the ability to provide our employees withcareer training for their professional development and opportunitiesto enhance networks and communication facilities within our companyamong others (Hooley &amp Saunders, 1993).


TheCookies Café will use several demographic factors such as age andsex of the target population to position ourselves within the market.We shall produce a new type of fries to the market such as cookiesmade from banana, sandwiches, and some new blend sauces to appeal tocertain ages and genders within our market. This kind of positioningwill provide our company with an opportunity to command a largermarket share and increased sales. It will also provide opportunitiesto develop new technologies,which aidin designing products that best serves the consumer needs (Hooley &ampSaunders, 1993).


Ourentrepreneurial venture will employ value positioning strategies tosell our products and services at a price lower than the industryaverage. This approach is geared towards appealing to consumers whoare sensitive to price changes. It will place our company at asuperior position within the industry,which willenable us gain stakeholders confidence and ensure excellence ininvestor relations. At this post, our company will also be able toconvert all other market opportunities to a sustainableorganizational growth (Hooley &amp Saunders, 1993).


Qualitypositioning strategies will focus on ensuring that the Cookies Caféstand out in the quality of products and services offered on themarket. This implies that we shall be distinguished for our highestquality products possible. Quality products will form the corecomponent of our competence within the food industry. We will bedefined as quality leaders. Quality positioning will also ensureoperation agility. This implies that our business will have thecapability to deliver efficiently within the fast changing market. Itwill also provide us with an opportunity to charge prices above theindustry averages and still retain our customers hence aggravatedprofit margins. With increased profits, our company will have achance to motivate employees through increased salaries and acquirebetter expertise and new technologies which are good for our businessoperations (Hooley &amp Saunders, 1993).


Justlike any other business within the food industry, our Cookies Caféis expected to face some risks which may originate from the internalor external sources. Nonetheless, we have been prepared to face theserisks and have devised some strategies to mitigate them. The risks weexpect to face include operational risks, financial risks,reputational risks, political shocks, market risks and risksassociated with technological advancement among others.

Operationalrisks result from sudden failure of an organization’s dailyoperations. It could emerge from technical problems such as serveroverload, equipment breakdown or failure of employees. Operationalrisks could also stem from outside events beyond our control such asnational calamities, power failures or even problems with ourwebsites hosts (Foster, 2007).

Financialrisks result from unexpected financial loss. It could be as a resultof theft, sabotage or delayed payments from our major clients.Sovereign debts could also make us vulnerable to financial risk andin particular a lot of short term liabilities whose due datesconverge around one point (Foster, 2007).

Nomatter what type of an industry an organization operates in,reputation is everything. It upholds the image of the company andserves as an attraction for potential customers. In cases where ourreputation is damaged, we might face a loss of revenues as ourclients will become wary of engaging in business with us. We may alsosuffer from the departure of our key employees who are hard to findan excellent replacement. Reputational risk is like a silent epidemicthat kills any business slowly. It may result from the misconduct ofemployees or managers. It could also source from our competitors whotake damaging our reputation as a competition strategy (Foster,2007).

Politicalshocks are known to have enormous negative impacts on enterprises’performance. Political stability brings peace within the businessenvironment and promotes confidence in investing in new capital oreven new markets. Social unrest causes mayhem and disruption whichmay results in damages that an organization may not survive.

Marketrisks also known as systemic risks arises from the fluctuation ofreturns caused by macroeconomic factors such as price instability,changes in demand and supply and inflation among others. The best wayto hedge against this risk is by diversifying our operations.

Theworld is dynamic and every day new technological advancements aremade. In some cases our strategies may become ineffective as a resultof technological changes or entry of powerful competitors. However,the Cookies Café will heavily invest in research and development toensure our technologies do not go obsolete, and we always remainabreast in matters concerning use of new technologies (Foster, 2007)

Thereare various strategies that the Cookies Café will employ inmitigating the above-stated risks. They include diversification, riskbuffering, risk transference, risk avoidance and installing a data-gathering system with the ability to quantify risks and send an alarmbefore the risks become an actual menace (Foster, 2007).

Thereis a broad range of sources of funding for any start-upbusiness.Some of them include loans from financial and non-financialinstitutions, donor funding, and support from family and friends.Business incubators can also be regarded as sources of capital for anenterprise. These are business “accelerators” who offer capitalsupport to new ventures. Personal investments and partnerships arealso sources of capital for a new entrepreneurial venture. TheCookies Café will operate as a partnership. This implies that thebest source of funding for our venture will be personal contributionsfrom the key stakeholders. However, in cases of crises we shallobtain loans from financial institution to cushion against anychallenges.

Usingthe Business Plan Financial package, we analyzed the projections onthe operating costs and the benefits expected over the next fiveyears. Business ratios have also been calculated and the breakevenpoints determined. From the balance sheet, the total net worth of theCookies Café was found to be $190,295 for the first quarter and$369,200 for the second quarter and so on. If the adopted strategiesare followed strictly, the Cookies Café will grow and expand rapidlywithin the first five years of business.

Fromthe projected results, it is clear that unless unforeseencircumstances attack the proposed entrepreneurial venture, it is avery profitable opportunity. We will ensure that our management andemployees remain focused to achieve the laid down goals and make theCookies Café go global.

BusinessInitiative and Technology

AvailableOptions for Production

Productionis one of the critical elements of any business as it directlyaffects the quality of the business offering(Blackwell, 2011). Hence, Cookies Café will consider every option tomaximize customer experience and promote efficiency within theentity.

Achase strategy is one of the available options for productions (Gaol,Mars &amp Saragih, 2014). It involves organizing the business insuch a manner that any food prepared matches to a client`s order.This option enables the restaurant staff to match production anddemand hence reducing the possibility of making excess food.Exceeding demand is discouraged as it can lead to compromising ofcustomer preferences through the sale of food that is not fresh.There are various merits associated with this option especially ifapplied in the food production business. The primary advantage isthat it facilitates the management to maintain low inventories. ForCookies Café, the level of stocks held is of utmost importance sincethis is an upstart business that needs to observe manageable levelsof products due to cash constraints. It is also necessary since thisrestaurant will need to hold different varieties of stock to matchthe preferences of their clientele.

Anotherproduction option that is applicable at Cookies Café is theassemble-to-order (Gaol, Mars &amp Saragih, 2014). This strategyinvolves waiting until the customer orders a food item, for instance,a hamburger. After the placing of the request, the kitchen staff thenembarks on preparing the food item from selective ingredients, someof which can be included or excluded from the order as per customertastes. Such a strategy means that every sale will be a freshlycooked or baked food component, which enhances the taste of food andis essential in establishing loyalty. The assemble-to –order optionrequires restaurants to keep a variety of ingredients enough toaccommodate the various combinations of orders that clients mightrequire.

TheCookies Café also has the option of making their products inanticipation of purchases. The food preparation occurs during theoff-peak hours. This strategy will require the business to invest inquality storage facilities since the food will always be ready forpeople to order. Such mode of production enables the staff to meetcustomer needs at the shortest time possible due to the eliminationof unnecessary waiting time. It can prove to be an attractive option,especially during the peak hours. However, such style of productionlimits on the variety of items since it is not possible to anticipatethe taste of every customer.

Theassemble-to-order is the best option available for the Cookies Café.Through the application of this production style, this business willmanage to avail fresh and unique products to its customers sincetheir preparation is on request and as per their preferences. Inaddition, it will promote efficiency in addition to streamliningoperations for the enterprise.

MeetingConsumer Needs

Customersatisfaction is of utmost importance to any business (Mckeever,2012). It involves assessing their wants and devising ways to satisfythem. Current trends reveal an inclination to healthy eating wherebyconsumers are observant of the calories in their foods. Ironically,the same people are also exhibiting a high demand for fast foods. TheCookies Café recognizes the need to balance healthiness and leisurefor their clients. Hence, the business will stock healthy foodoptions like fruit snacks and fresh juice to meet the preferences oftheir health conscious clientele.

TheCookies Café also recognizes the need to provide affordable productsand services. Currently, the existing restaurants in the localityhave priced their products expensively hence limiting the spendingoptions of potential customers. This enterprise will seek tocapitalize on the prevailing situation by pricing its productscompetitively. The management will aim at striking a balance betweenthe quality, quantity, and the pricing. Such a strategy will attractthe youth and the middle-class customers to the business besidescreating customer loyalty.

Anotherexisting need is convenience. This Café will aim at maximizing theconsumer experience by offering free delivery of customer orderswithin the locality. Such a service will promote the business sincepotential customers who may not be in a position to walk in can stillenjoy the product offerings through the delivery service. Such is theextent to which the Cookies Café will go to fulfill customer needs.


Incorporatingtechnology in our product offering is essential in optimizingcustomer experience. The Cookies Café will use a system thatfacilitates online bookings (Gaol, Mars &amp Saragih, 2014). Such asystem will require a website that is mobile friendly. It will makeordering easy for our customers. Online ordering will complement theassemble-to-order strategy since customers will make their requests,which the restaurant staff can then prepare in the time required bythe buyer.

Thebusiness will also include electronic points of sale terminals toease customer payments. As such, customers will not need to use cashhence the increased convenience. The availability of various paymentoptions is crucial in improving customer service besides enhancingour business capabilities.

TheCookies Café will utilize social media to improve communication withthe consumer. Such technology will also facilitate targeted marketingsince our clients can access the relevant information through ourpresence on this platform. Our customers can also write reviews onour social media pages, recommend us to their friends hence promotingloyalty to our brand and increasing our sales capabilities.

TechnologyPolicies and Product Initiative

Wewill establish a plan on acceptable-use of our internet (Gaol, Mars &ampSaragih, 2014). Since this eatery is hoping to incorporate internetcommunication to the customer experience, a clear outline isnecessary to guide employees on the accepted use of this platform.Another technology policy will involve the use of work equipment.This business will install modern cooking and storage equipment hencethe requirement for employees to use them as per the set standards.

Effectsof the Technology Policy on the Product Initiative

Appropriateapplication of our internet policy will promote professionalism atthe workplace (Gaol, Mars &amp Saragih, 2014). The policy willrequire employees to avoid personal communication and provide aplatform to review our interactions with clients hence improving ourservice delivery. Besides, our work equipment strategy will ensurethat our staff utilizes the available facilities as per therecommendations. Such usage will improve safety at the workplace byreducing accidents that can arise from the inappropriate use ofequipment. A safe work environment leads to improvements in thequality and quantity of output hence positively influencing ourproduct and service initiative.

Theset technology policies will be crucial in reducing our operationalcosts. For instance, internet communication and our social mediapresence will reduce our marketing costs. Similarly, theappropriateuse of our equipment will promote efficiency and minimize insurancecosts due to reduced accidents. Such cost savings will translate intoan affordable pricing of our products.

Recommendationand Conclusion

Inrecommendation, it should be mentioned first that the strengths andweaknesses of the business need to be identified more thoroughly.This will enable us as the owners of the business to focus more onits strengths and capitalize on them, and also to overcome ourweaknesses or come up with strategies for bypassing them. In additionto that, the strategic different positioning of the business are notclearly articulated. But they are very important in order to enhancethe viability of the business. As a result, those strategicpositioning should be figured out more thoroughly and tactics shouldbe formulated how to fully position the business in the minds of itstarget customers according to these strategic positioning.

Inconclusion, it can be said that Cookies Café is a very viable andpractical business plan. It has a very pragmatic, detailed andthorough marketing and advertising plan. Moreover, the marketing planis integrated, which considered all the medias of promoting thebusiness along with its unique and affordable products and services.The financial plan and projections are also based on industry trendsand numbers. There is no optimistic estimation here. This is a goodsign for both the investors and the business owners. Moreover, sincethere are plenty of big malls and educational institutions all overthe country, so there is a very good chance of expanding Cookies Cafénationwide. This is also a positive sign for any investor.


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