Capstone Project



1.Critical Appraisal

Criticalappraisal is important for research studies, capstone projects, orevidence-based practice. It ensures that evidence is properlycollected, analyzed, recorded, and presented. The main objective ofcritical appraisal is to determine the effectiveness of research andevidence-based studies in addressing the research questions andfinding solutions to research problems (Fineout-Overholt et al.,2010). Effective studies have sufficient evidence for addressingresearch problems. The studies are also conducted appropriately bycompetent professionals for example, nursing and medical scholarswho have doctorate degrees.

Criticalappraisal of research articles is done by analyzing three importantresearch issues. First, the researcher determines the purpose of thestudy. The main goal of evidence-based practice should be to improvethe quality of healthcare. Second, the population and samplecharacteristics should be analyzed. The population is the subject ofinterest in the research for example, cancer patients in the UnitedStates. The sample represents the number of respondents or people whoprovide data for the research. The sample is a fraction of thepopulation for instance, 10%. Third, the validity and reliability ofthe research instruments should be determined. Reliable research canbe repeated. Valid research has effective data collection andanalysis instruments (Fineout-Overholt et al., 2010).

2.Quantitative Article

Thequantitative study that I have selected is: “Nurses perceptions oftheir professional practice environment in relation to jobsatisfaction: a review of quantitative studies.” The study answersthree critical appraisal questions.

Question1: The research study was done to determine the effect of thepractice environment on the job satisfaction level of the nursingstaff. Job satisfaction level of the nursing staff directly affectsthe quality of healthcare given to patients (Lambrou et al., 2016).

Question6: The results of the research are similar to the findings ofprevious studies. One important finding is that the current workingenvironment of nurses is stressful (Lambrou et al., 2016). Therefore,nurses have low levels of job satisfaction. Literature reviewindicates that reducing stress factors like high workload isimportant in improving the satisfaction and motivation of nurses.

Question7: The research improves clinical practice. This is because it aimsat providing solutions for improving working environment for thenursing professionals. Good work environment improves jobsatisfaction and staff motivation. Highly satisfied and motivatednurses provide proper healthcare to patients (Lambrou et al., 2016).


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