Cars are Better for the Environment than Motorcycles

Cars areBetter for the Environment than Motorcycles

A vehicle is any device or machine whose sole purpose is conveyinggoods and people or both. Bicycles, wagons, cars, motorcycles, buses,and trucks are all types of vehicles. All the vehicles use fuel apartfrom bicycles. This means that they lead to the production ofgreenhouse gases that eventually cause global warming. In thisrelation, some vehicles are more environmentally friendly compared toothers. Thus, the paper discusses that cars are environmentallyfriendly compared to motorcycles. Many people prefer to usemotorcycles as opposed to cars. They mainly believe that sincemotorcycles are smaller than cars, they tend to be moreenvironmentally friendly. However, various studies have provedotherwise as discussed below.

Research indicates that the rate of carbon dioxide that a vehicleproduces is equivalent to the amount of fuel it burns as it runs.This means that motorcycles produce less carbon dioxide compared tocars. However, a research carried out by Ana-Marija indicated thatmotorcycles produce a greater amount of greenhouse gases incomparison to cars (Jacobsonand Mark 44). Although motorcycles produce less carbon dioxide, theyrelease other dangerous greenhouse gases. On average, a motorcycleproduces twice the amount of greenhouse gases that a track willproduce (Gerdes 35).The gases include carbon monoxide, nitrousoxide,and unburnt hydrocarbons. Unburnt hydrocarbons lead to differenttypes of cancer, breathing disorders, as well as the main gases thatform smog.

From the Economic Input-Output Life Cycle Assessment, theconstruction of an average car will generate 9.41 metric tons ofcarbon dioxide while that of a motorcycle will produce 13.7 tons ofcarbon (IV) oxide (Cragg, Bowman, and Wilson 16). This statisticsclearly indicates that motorcycle assembly produces more carbon (IV)oxide than that of a vehicle.

On the contrary, limited research shows that motorcycles are betterto the environment as opposed to cars. Proponents of this statementargue that motorcycles emit less carbon dioxide as compared to cars(Jacobsonand Mark 44). However, this argument does not hold because they emitexcess gases that form smog.

To sum up, the paper has shown that cars are better to theenvironment than motorcycles. Even though motorcycles are efficientin transportation, they pose a greater danger to the environment byproducing dangerous gases. In addition, the manufacture of cars ismore environmentally friendly compared to motorcycles.

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