Case Study A Discussion

CaseStudy: A Discussion

Inreference to The Big Five Personality Traits, Alan Horn is seen as anindividual is open. He had previously worked at Warner Bros.Production Company for about twelve years. While working there, heheld an executive position as the president. Currently working atDisney Corporation, he is seen to freely share his experience as wellas his intellectual capability in television production. In addition,owing to his rich experience, his ideas are based on practical basedprojects that he had explored previously in his experiences andhence, he is sure of their viability. In addition, he isconscientious as shown by his ability to show utmost discipline andresponsibility all which are aimed at improving the performance ofDisney Corporation to achieving success.

Moreover,Horn has displayed a positive energy owing to the personality ofextraversion. As a result of this personality trait, DisneyCorporation together with its employees have developed new energy andattitudes. This trait is seen been effective through constantinteraction, talkativeness, assertion and generally displayingpositive social attitude. Mr. Horn has approved several projects thatare running co-currently at his new working company. However, he doesnot inspect those production projects directly as he is seen to be ingeneral agreement with other employees. This trait, according toother employees acts as a confidence booster where they work harderin achieving the company’s objectives. Unlike other productionmanagers, Mr. Horn is not neurotic.

Mr.Horn’s personality has easily integrated with excellent managerialskills. This is because he has totally understood the people he isworking with and thus shows them his confidence in them. This is animportant managerial behavior that directly collaborates withcompany’s processes and operations. For instance, the agreeablepersonality that he has shown towards production managers haspropelled them to work harder. This is primarily because they feelthat they cannot disappoint the confidence that has been showed totheir capabilities and their jobs. In this case, they feel motivatedto perform better terming such a move ‘a confidence booster’towards their skills and knowledge. In addition, Mr. Hornspersonality has developed a sense of teamwork at Disney Corporationwhere employees work together to achieve the company’s objective.

Throughan analysis one can easily see that Mr. Horn maintains specificvalues in terminal values that are important and yet, desirable tohim. For instance, he is seen as a happy person with less emotionalstates of mind during his work. This has in turn created an energizedenvironment with individuals collaborating with each other havingfewer conflicts. In addition, Mr. Horn has exuded high level of trustand respect towards his personal excellence. This is demonstratedthrough the confidence that he shows in his management decisions. Onthe other hand, instrumental values which are mainly focused towardspersonality character and traits have been demonstrated by Mr. Horn.In this regard, he actively strives to utilize sincerity, honesty andambitions to achieve top success.

Thesepersonality traits and values demonstrated by Mr. Horn are ideal forinfluencing the company’s culture. This is because they developconfidence and trust to all other employees during the process ofchange. It is important to note the speed at which such leaders asMr. Horn demonstrates the viability of these changes quicklyinfluences other employees’ daily behavior and thus culture. Themain reason that such traits and personality behaviors are likely topositively influence Disney Corporation’s culture is because Mr.Horn is consistent in demonstrating them in his daily operations.