Chapter summary on problems in aging

Chaptersummary on problems in aging

Theaging population is faced with physical, psychological and medicalchallenges that require adequate care. Understanding of these factorsis critical when caring for this population. Mark Novak presents upto date information about the aging process. Chapter 2 of the bookbegins with a discussion about gerontology where details about DNAand how they contribute to aging is explained. The author uses socialtheories to explain child-parent relations and how old people aretreated by the government and the society. The two concepts discussedin the book are micro-level theory whereby, the author describes oldpeople and their relationship with each other and macro-leveltheories which looks at how social institutions, such as family,health care or housing affect aging processes.

Theoriesof aging highlighted include social constructionism, phenomenology,and interaction among others. The articles state that symbols orimages can have a lot of influence in defining a person. A practicalexample of this is whereby wheelchairs have often been used tosymbolize sickness and weakness for the aging population. As aresult, some aging people often prefer indoor scooters and notwheelchairs. These theories are relevant in that they giveexplanations as to why old people behave in certain ways. Ininterpreting how the aging population interact with theirsurroundings, the book emphasizes on the adoption of interpretiveperspective. Behaviors related to aging are also explained in termsof functionalist perspective. According to this theory, society is asystem which is made up of many parts whose mission is to attain anequilibrium. When old people increases in numbers, more money is setaside by the government for the elderly program. It is true that theyform a significant section of society are faced with severalhealthcare challenges and as a result, they should receive adequatephysical, psychological and medical care. Generally, the book isinformative and interesting to read because it addresses some of thecontemporary issues that affect old people.


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