Choosing the Right Website

Choosingthe Right Website

Slide2: Introduction

Anincrease in the penetration of the internet has allowed traders toreach more customers by contacting them in the virtual world. Smallenterprises should take advantage of established online retail sites,instead of developing their own websites (Steve, 2016). Thispresentation provides the analysis of three viable sites that a smallenterprise, ABC Company, can adopt.

Slide3: Company and its products

ABCCompany is a small enterprise that was incorporated in 2016. Thecompany specializes in the sale of women`s products, including shoes,clothes, and beauty products. It intends to sell these productsonline.

Slide4: Elimination, Etsy

Etsyis an online retail website that provides a platform for small shopowners to sell products on the internet. However, ABC Company shouldavoid using Etsy because it is associated with a lower search link.In addition, Etsy is associated with low sales, stiff competition,and overcrowding by owners of small shops (Steve, 2016).

Slide5: eBay

Bychoosing to sell its goods on eBay, ABC Company will enjoy threebenefits, including an immediate access to over 149 potentialcustomers, global reach, and the ease of use (Schiff, 2014). However,the company should be prepared to deal with the risk of non-paymentby some bidders. In addition, eBay has been accused of favoringbuyers over sellers (Schiff, 2014). ABC Company can drive buyers tothe site by using the pay per click advertising approach andincluding information about the retail site in its newsletters.

Slide6: Amazon

ABCwill also be able to reach over 244 million potential buyers by usingAmazon. Amazon is also associated with a high level of trust andpossession of excellent back-end infrastructure. However, the companyis likely to face the risk of losing control over its brand and highcharges, which is 25 % (Schiff, 2014). Some of the key strategiesthat ABC can use to drive customers to the site include theapplication of coupons in Amazon Seller Central and exact matchkeywords.

Slide7: Facebook

ABCwill also enjoy several benefits by using Facebook to sell itsproducts. These benefits include an exposure to over 1.9 billionpotential buyers, ease of reaching target audience, and low cost ofoperation (Chaney, 2011). However, Facebook is associated withlimited sales and the risk of offending comments that destroy brandimage. ABC can drive customers to its social site page by taking partin the Facebook groups.

Slide8: Business-to-business approach

Thereis no need to change strategy, even if ABC will decide to engage inbusiness to business (B2B) sales. The three sites (including Amazon,eBay, and Facebook) have been proven to facilitate a successful B2B.For example, the B2B portal owned Amazon facilitates the B2B salesworth over $ 1 billion annually (Demery, 2016).

Slide9: Conclusion

Smallbusinesses can increase their revenue by selling goods online.However, small enterprises should make use of the established retailsites, instead of developing their own websites. Some of the keybenefits that small enterprises (such as ANC Company) can enjoy byselling online include an instant reach to millions of potentialbuyers, access to referral portals, and a chance to utilize reliableback-end infrastructure. However, the enterprise should be preparedto face some risks, such as the loss of control over its brand andcharges made by the owners of the sites.


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