Classroom Management Strategies Matrix

ClassroomManagement Strategies Matrix

ClassroomManagement Strategies Matrix

Thematrix below can be useful in the management of the classroom withthe disabilities.

Classroom management aspect


Effects ion the learners

Particular areas in the classroom

The classroom area is spacious, clean and free from dirt.

The learners can acquire knowledge properly.

Rules in the classroom

The rules or policies that govern the classroom are posted on the walls.

This is vital as it remind learners whenever they do a particular mistake.

Procedures of the classroom

The instructor prefer to start the lessons with a simple song and the icebreaker.

The learners will feel active and attentive at the start of the lesson.

Daily routines

The routine of the teacher begins with the prayer, then checking of the attendance list followed by the topic of discussion during the day

The practice assist the students to develop themselves from the daily routines if they can find a particular job in future. It helps the students to get engaged in all the work that can be carried out in the classroom.

Arrangement of class seating

The sitting arrangement is per the height of the students. The tallest ones are allowed to sit behind those that are short. The disabled ones are also given adequate space so that they can see clearly what the teacher is teaching.

It makes the classroom environment a trouble free as the learner can see the teacher clearly especially when the teacher is demonstrating an activity using a visual aid. This is also advantageous to small children and the physically challenged learners. The strategy also help in enhancing the intellectual among the students since they can learn how to apply the skills learned in class to real life situation. The use of visual aids can help those students with the learning disabilities as it supplements the normal teaching or lecturing by the teacher.

Off-track behavior handling

The instructor gives a precise disciplinary measures to the students according to the mistake done.

The learners will work as per the instruction given by the teacher hence they will not work against the set school rules and regulations.

Positive behavior reinforcements

The teacher appreciates the students that shows a positive behavior in the classroom. He can also provide those with autism with necessary learning materials such as toys and give them essential attention to motivate them.

The appreciated students will struggle to gain recognition from the teacher and other students in the class as they are motivated by their achievements.

Howit promotes intrinsic motivation

Intrinsicmotivation is the internal encouragements that are as a result of thestrategies applied by the management of the classroom. For instancethe reinforcement of the positive behavior done by the teacher willmotivate the students to work hard and behave as per the requirementsof the school. Due to the stiff competition inquest for recognition,the entire classroom will establish a positive behavior hence makinga classroom culture (Marzano et al., 2003). In addition, the actionstaken in handling the off-track behavior such as bullying andstealing will discourage the students to shun the behavior. On theother hand, the students will be motivated to work as per therequirement of the school policies.

Howit Encourage engagement

Someof the activities that are performed in the classroom as stipulatedin the management strategy help in the promotion of the engagementamong the students. For instance when the students are given theopportunity to take part in the classroom activities such as prayingand cleaning of the classroom. Students will therefore feel part ofthe class hence promoting proper management of the learners. Theclassroom rules will also help in engaging the students since theywill be obligated to read them repeatedly and understand well so thatthey do not go astray. Without proper rules, the students may act ina manner that is not desired. Nevertheless, the undertaking of thedaily routines also help in engaging the students. The learners inthis case will be obligated to perform specific daily chores hencewill have to plan themselves appropriately.

Howit Encourage self-motivation

Theclassroom rules where each student is supposed to act as per therequirements of the rules encourage the students to beself-motivated. Each student therefore will strive to operate withinthe set guidelines so as not stray out of the required standards.Nevertheless, specific areas in the classroom where the classroomarea is kept clean and tidy will help the students be motivated tokeep the area in which they are learning clean (Evertson, 1994). Thearrangement of the classroom where the students that are tall seatbehind those that are short and those that are physically andmedically challenged students are given enough space encourages thestudents to have self-discipline. The self-discipline will thereforetranslate to self-motivation since the students will act accordinglyeven if there is no formal communication given to them eitherverbally or orally but they are guided by principles as per theirphysical appearance.


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