Theinterview I choose is a selection interview that was conducted onsiteat the company’s premises, and in person to assess the candidatecredentials and qualification for the job. The reason behind mechoosing a selection interview is because they are more rigorous ascompared to other types of interview. The interviewing participantsconsist of two people, a male and female. They represent theorganization human resource management. They seem to be keen on theapplicant’s abilities. The interviewee is a middle aged ladyseeking to get employment in the banking sector. She explains herselfwith the utmost confidence to the admiration of the interviewingpanel. She states the various academic credentials under herpossession, and the reason for her career path.

Theinterviewer asks the interviewee a diverse range of questions such ascredential verification, experience verification, opinion, competenceand behavioral questions. Credential verification question aretypically asked to verify the applicants depth of knowledge. In theinterview a variety of credential verification questions were askedby the interviewing panel. A good example of a credentialverification question can be observed when the interviewing panelasks the interviewee the following questions:

“Tellus more about yourself?”

“Whyare you interested in the banking industry?”

“Wheredid you study?”

Theinterviewing panel also asks the interviewee a few of experienceverification questions. This kind of questions evaluates theapplicant’s background. A good example of an experienceverification question can be observed when the panel asks theinterviewee the following questions:

“Wheredid you learn English?”

“Whathave you been doing?”

Theinterviewing panel asks several other questions including acompetence question e.g. “Tell me about a time that you showed youfit well in a team” an opinion question e.g. “As an assistantbank manager give me an example of how you would deal with a customerwho is very angry.”

Theinterviewee delivers prompt, brief and concise response to thequestion asked. When asked an opinion question like “as anassistant bank manager give me an example of how you would deal witha customer who is very angry.” The interviewee said that she woulduse her excellent communication skills and knowledge, that she hadacquired in her previous job to handle the situation. The answerprovided is brief and direct to the point. When the panel asks her todescribe herself, she does not hesitate and starts by informing thepanel her names, ethnicity, education background, her strengths andweaknesses. This question was answered so briefly and clearly that itmade a positive impression to the interviewing panel. Anotherquestion that can be used as an example to show how clear, brief andconcise the response given were, is when the interviewing panel askedthe interviewee to describe a situation that depicts how well she canbe able to work in a team. She responds to this question by giving aclear example of how she had previous worked as a team leader duringtheir graduation party.

Theinterviewing participants are seen to utilize well interpersonalskills. The interviewers are seen to command great assertiveness tothe interviewee. All the interviewing participants are seen to have acoordinated organization of questions, as no question was repeatedduring the entire interview period. They are also keen listeners andexcellent communicators given the fact that they are able tounderstand the interviewee even though she is not a native Englishspeaker.


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