Aconcussion is defined as a traumatic injury to the brain. It causesthe soft tissue that suspends the brain to bounce back against thehard bone that makes up the skull. The force is usually transmittedthrough indirect or direct contact with the neck, face, head, thusresulting in a collision between skull and brain on the vasculatureand neural tissue. The impacts of concussion are felt because ofimpaired axonal function and release of excitatory neurotransmitters. s are very common in contact sports, for example,football, Hockey, and boxing. A concussion can impact an individual’sphysical development in many ways such as loss of consciousness,irritability, amnesia, double vision and numbness of limbs. Aconcussion is also characterized by somatic symptom such as aheadache. Others may also exhibit nausea.

Apartfrom the physical impacts of a concussion, it can affect many aspectsof development and functioning. Since its major effects are felt inthe brain, it is evident that this can have a lot of impact on theneural system. Some adults suffering from concussions have elicitedsignificant motor and functional deficits (Kroshus et al. 2013). Themajor cognitive consequences of concussion include confusion anddifficulties in concentrating. These individuals show signs oftraumatic brain injury and feel slower than other people. MikeWebster`s life as a footballer well demonstrates these effects. Heclaimed that he suffered extreme forgetfulness, and this eventuallyled marital problems in his family. Additionally, he was consideredan outcast because he could not perform the expected adult functions.It is evident that because of various cognitive challenges,individuals suffering from concussions are exhibit psychosocialproblems. Since they experience depression, they are likely to commitsuicide. Emotional distress can make them violent, and this mayaffect how they interact with other people.


Iliked your post. I agree with you that concussion is a severecondition and can have very devastating effects. I also agree thatcontact sports such as football increase one’s susceptibility to aconcussion injury. It is also very true that apart from games,people can get concussions in car accidents and other physicalevents. I think many people have often associated concussions withsporting events, and this has led to even more cases of people beinginjured. It is true that concussion has severe cognitive impacts, Ihave seen you have stated that one of the effects is that it causesdifficulties in concentrating. I liked your example about how a TerryLong suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Indeed, manypeople have succumbed to the condition, and something needs to bedone to ensure that there are no more deaths because of concussions.Thank you for such an insightful comment.


Hello,your post was very educating. You define concussion very clearly, andyou were accurate with details. Additionally, it is true that apartfrom the cognitive impacts of concussion, it also cause physicaldevelopment problems such as in balance and vision. It is also truethat long-term effects of concussion are even worse and may causeemotional discrepancies and cognitive and behavioral problems.However, it is also important to note that people often sufferbalance problems because concussion causes traumatic brain injury andthus affecting the motor system. The motor system is the one taskedwith coordination of muscle movements. Lastly, you vividlyhighlighted the psychosocial impacts such as depression andirritability. Thank you very much for such an educative response.


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