Constitution Day



TheUnited States is a democratic country which is governed by theconstitution. Recent studies have shown that few Americans,especially the younger people understand the law. The constitutionday which is celebrated on September 17th is a commemoration for theestablishment of the nation`s laws in the year 1787 (,2016).The day is usually set aside for people learn more about theconstitution so that they can become better citizens. This essay willdiscuss constitution day and the activities that the faculty willinitiate in discussion boards, social network, and classroom to makethe celebration eventful.

Theconstitution day is an opportunity for people, especially students tobroaden their knowledge of the law. Since independence, theconstitution has undergone significant amendments. Thesemodifications have been aimed at making the country a better placewhere there is equality for all. Several activities have beenorganized for this coming celebrations, for instance, the Center forCivic Education gives lessons on matters related to law. The UnitedStates Department of Education offers different resources to theevent. The department has the responsibility of implementingConstitution day legislated mandates.

AtAPUS, the faculty has plans to carry out various activities duringthe day. The institution will be using classrooms, discussion boards,and social networks. There would be an exploration of howConstitutional Convention members might have felt when they werewriting the United States Constitution. Other activities woulduncover the problems that the people who wrote the constitution. Inclassrooms, students would be in groups and will be holdingdiscussions about some of the impacts of the first and secondamendments and the civil right laws. They will utilize social mediain ensuring the events of the day trend.

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