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17thAugust 2016


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DearMs Sandy


Manythanks for the chance to apply for the position of a reporter as advertised on on August 17th.

Iam an ardent, focused and organized reporter and writer specializingin the mainstream media. I have learned the art of storytelling, andI would create an appealing story based on the real happenings of theevents that are captured. I am in a proper state of health mentallyand physically as confirmed by my doctor therefore, I would be ableto go on errands that require me to collect information from adistant place. I have already acquired a driving license, and myexpertise comes in handy in conducting any coverage from any region.

Also,I have learned to work in situations of pressure and still produce mybest. And that is the reason I can handle any call to work and towhatever place I am sent. Again, I have never experienced anyallergic reaction to weather conditions, hence, making me the bestcandidate for your kind of operations. I can live and perform work inwhatever weather that is experienced, of course, except for the casewhere there are natural catastrophic events such as tornadoes. Buteven so, I would still dare to do the unimaginable by reporting onsuch excruciating circumstances.

Iam fun loving, and I would create a peaceful work atmosphere byencouraging teamwork. Also, owing to my research knowledge, I canconduct any research work that I will be assigned and presentexcellent recommendations that will improve the rating of the companyand even offer amicable solutions to some of man’s problems.

Ihave attached my resume and samples of my published work and videosof my interviews for your studying. I look forward to meeting withyou to further discuss this elating opportunity.




33015thAve S


TX777590- 8121

Telphone: 02791034

Email:[email protected]

Educationand Qualifications

2010-2014 Bachelor of Arts (Journalism)

History of media, Ethics and law, Web design, Broadcast

news,Photojournalism, and Editing.

Project: “The media in war tone regions”

2006-2009Leaving certificate

StIgnatius Secondary School

Subjects: Maths, English, Geography, French, Art and Design,



2014to presentPBS TV Station


2010to 2014 University of Minnesota TV Station

I.Lead reporter


Interestsand Achievements

I.Touring, Dancing, Socializing, Reading, Cycling and Gym.

Ii.A certificate in best written article.

Iii.Award in best Campus reporter


MrOtile John Mr Randy Dash

SeniorLecture Managing Director

Universityof MinnesotaPBSTV Station Telephone:7894567Telephone: 64307856