Criminal Profiling



Ataround 3 pm, a young lady’s naked body was discovered on therooftop of the apartment where she resided. Her face was badlybruised, and she appeared to have been strangled with her purse. Bothher nipples were cut off and placed on the chest. The words “Fuckyou” were scribbled on her thighs. On her abdomen, the words “youcannot stop me” were inscribed. A Jewish that she normally wore wasmissing, and it was assumed the killer had taken it. Herundergarments were placed over her face with her nylons tied on herwrists. The killer placed proportionally on both sides of thevictim`s head the pricked pieces of jewelry she wore. An ink pen andumbrella had been inserted into the vagina. The murderer also placeda hair comb on the victim’s pubic hair. The victim’s nose and jawwere broken. The molars had also been loosened. The woman sufferedseveral face fractures as a result of blunt force. The victimsuccumbed due to suffocation by ligature strangling. There wereautopsy bite marks on the woman’s thighs and hemorrhages,lacerations, and contusions to the body. Apart from that, themurderer also excreted on the rooftop landing and used the woman’sclothes to cover it.

Applyingthe FBI measures, all the items the perpetrator used belonged to thewoman. As per the look of things, it did not sound like a plannedmurder[CITATION Joh111 l 1033 ].The crime assessment did not suggest a series of events or rather itwas just one murder. Generation of the criminal profile suggestedthat the offender was probably between the ages of 25 to 35. However,during investigations, another crime of a similar nature wasreported. This forced the investigators to reassess the suspects.Three similar cases were reported in almost the same area. Theseevents changed the whole approach to the case and the scope of thesuspects was increased. Investigations proved to be fruitful in theend as the suspected perpetrator was apprehended and sentenced tolife imprisonment [ CITATION Sha121 l 1033 ].

Fromthe above case, the failure to conduct appropriate crime assessmentsled to further killings. For instance, at the crime scene, theperpetrator had left a signal to indicate there was more to come.Nevertheless, criminal profiling has proven to be a valuable tool forlaw agencies especially in resolving violent crimes [ CITATION Amb14 l 1033 ].The technique has assisted considerably in the solving many differentcrimes over the years. Due to the vitality of this process, effortshave been directed to improve it even further. At the National Centerfor the Analysis of Violent Crimes, FBI is continuously indulging inresearch to improve the field[ CITATION Sha121 l 1033 ].In that regard, the profiling process will remain to be one of themost effectivetools that aid law enforcement.


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