Criminology Assignments



Week3 Assignment 3

Local jail

Federal detention jail

The security is destitute

The security is very tight in this jail

Fencing might be there and not properly constructed

Fencing is a mandatory and is well constructed to ensure no escaping

Located in the rural areas

Located in the urban areas

Very few programs if any

A lot of programs goes on in this center.

Number of staff is relatively low

Number of staff is very high

The population of inmate is very high hence crowded

Only contains the number of inmates that it can be able to hold hence no overcrowding.


Week5: Assignment 4

TheAlabama Department administrative is divided into various sectionsthe commissioner, who is the head of the department the associatecommissioner, who serves at a position determined by his or hersuperior the deputy commissioner whose duty is to assist in thecoordinating of the department an institutional coordinator whohelps in the operational of the department in the area assigned, anddivision directors who are the one mandated to ensure the operationof the assigned duties(Spencer, 2012).

Thecommissioner of the Alabama Department of Correction reports to thegovernor of the state who appointed him to be the head of thedepartment.

Thedistrict administrative divided into various facilities that includethe Red Eagle facility, which is mandated to train the inmates. Ithas 32 permanent employees who report to the director of training(Spencer, 2012). They are given high tight security to ensure thatthey are safe and sound when training. The security is provided bythe officers as well as through digital cameras mounted in thefacility.

Therehas been an employee misconduct case whereby one of the trainers inthe department was caught having sex with an inmate (Spencer, 2012).The employee was arrested and charged with custodial sexualmisconduct before being taken to Montgomery County detention.Additionally, she was forced to resign from her position in thedepartment.

Apositive announcement occurred on one of the correctional officerswho was named as the best trainer of the year this came after mucheffort and sacrifices in his work.

Week6: Assignment 5

TheAlabama Department of Corrections has set aside those inmates withHIV, and also the prisoners are segregated from participating invarious activities preserved for the detainees. Statistically, thenumber of prisoners suffering from the deadly disease is 5%, but itis on the decline (Spencer, 2012). The same case happens with thoseprisoners with the problem of substance abuse. 20% of the prisons, inthis correction department, are incarcerated due to drug-relatedoffenses. The staff provides medication to those suffering from drugaddiction through counseling and training (Spencer, 2012). Also,those suffering from mental illness are separated from the rest ofthe inmates due to their high chances of causing violence in theprison.

Week7: Assignment 6

TheArizona Aryan Brotherhood is a security threat group that is found inArizona State. The group has around 383 members, but it is stillrecruiting new members as a way to strengthen the team. The groupengages in activities such as extortion, homicide, gambling,narcotics, and assaults. Law structures the leadership thus, makingit hard to break the group. The gang recruits members inside and outof prisons, for one to join he must be an influential skinhead.


Spencer,L. (2012). A State of Emergency in Alabama: Prison Overcrowding. SAGEOpen,2(3).