Culture Discussion



Cultureand diversity are prevalent in our society. Patients and co-workersin the health care system reveal that fact. To develop culturalcompetence in nursing, one requires knowing that many belief systemsexist. Culture plays a significant role in teaching and learningnursing, hence should be respected.

Thepopulation of students today is very diverse hence monitoring andcultural competency are essential. Nursing sector is very sensitivehence needs a clear and straightforward language. With culturalcompetence, students will understand why they should avoid complexand slang language. Use of visual aids may seem to be out of time butin the nursing sector, no. The visual aids are still essential hencewith culture the students can learn how to appropriately use thoseaids since they are considered cultural (Gibbs &amp Culleiton,2016).

Anurse educator who respects cultural differences and values diversitycan strengthen the success of a student. The essential aspect is thatthe nurses deal with a diverse population, and for them to adequatelymeet the health care needs of this population, they must be alreadydiverse. With culture, the nursing educator has an easy time inexplaining to the students on how to handle the cultural context of apatient.If culture did not exist, the nursing student would notproperly handle the people with ethnic, religious, age, cultural andgender differences among others. That may lead to health disparitiesamong the minority (Gibbs &amp Culleiton, 2016).

Despiteall the new things that are coming with new technologies, there is aneed to preserve our culture. Culture will continue to be importantin learning of nursing students for they will be in opposition toquickly demonstrate excellent cross-cultural communication skills,and achieve positive outcomes of health among the people who areculturally diverse (Gibbs &amp Culleiton, 2016).


Gibbs,D. K., &amp Culleiton, A. L. (2016). A Project to Increase EducatorCultural Competence in Mentoring At-Risk Nursing Students. Teachingand Learning in Nursing.