Description of Website Migration



Descriptionof Website Migration



Tocreate a web architecture by moving current website to new websitewith little downtime and to offer recovery solution to this newwebsite, a system development life cycle will be applied to plan asite for the company (Blanchard &amp Fabrycky, 2012). Systemdevelopment is a process that defines, test, and implement a newsoftware program or application. It incorporates creating databasesystems acquiring software developed by a third party and advancingredid frameworks interior. Written procedures and standards usuallyguide the processing functions of information systems (Blanchard &ampFabrycky, 2012). The management of a company needs to define,implement standards and adopt the most viable methodology of SDLCcontrolling the process of creating, acquiring, implementing, as wellas maintaining high-tech information systems and associatedtechnology. The systems development life cycle (SDLC) is a type modelmostly used in project management to describe phases involved in thedevelopment project of an information system, from a firstfeasibility study by marinating the completed application. SDLCconsists of many different stages such as maintenance, installation,testing, software coding, software design, debugging, and analysis(Blanchard &amp Fabrycky, 2012).

Thelife cycle is normally executed using a product enhancement process.Software development can be developed using different type models,each with a unique approach to executing the various phases of thelife cycle (Blanchard &amp Fabrycky, 2012).

Websitearchitecture is a method for designing and planning websites thatinvolves functional, aesthetic, and technical criteria (Blanchard &ampFabrycky, 2012). Web architecture is the website layout. Successfulsite architecture has many benefits including helping the company toattract more potential clients and increase engagement. Five mainsteps can be used to build a successful architecture.

Firststep: Keywords identification

Forthe company to drive the right traffic to their website, theidentification of high-performance keyword is important. Taking timeto look for a strong keyword that attract the company`s audience.Tools for research keyword included Wordtracker, World Street, andKeyword Discovery to help in collecting data on the selected keyword.However, before selecting the keyword a number of factors will haveto be considered: relevancy, long-tail or specific keywords, searchvolume, and completion. Specific search phrases normally attractpotential customers. Relevant content and keyword also attract andretain customers (Blanchard &amp Fabrycky, 2012).

Secondstep is to mark the keyword space: Categories is always part of thekeyword research. The step involves the identification of varioussubsets of the company`s services or products or the informationdeemed useful by the clients. The categorizations or grouping ofkeywords help the organization to identify the relevant pages ofcontent it plans to build in its structure (Blanchard &amp Fabrycky,2012).

Thethird step is to develop the company site architecture: This is alsoknown as sitemap building. A site map is a hierarchicalrepresentation of a site and its pages and levels. The process beginsthe moment the selected keywords are mapped into logical categories.

Thefourth step is to Wireframe Prototyping: after creating a solidstructure, which outlines the content of the site that is mapped intogermane keywords, a wireframe for every page should be developed.Generally, a wireframe is a modest representation of the content aswell as navigation for a page on a site. A wireframe is differentfrom a sitemap since it takes every page on the sitemap as well asblocks out navigation and content placement. If the company wouldlike to the step to another level, then it converts its wireframeinto a prototype that is clickable. The clickable prototype is awebsite that includes the wireframe having clickable links andnavigations to get a feel and touch for how the website will functionand behave.

Thefinal step is to develop the content: This is the fifth step, and itinvolves building the actual content for every page into thewireframe. For the company to bring the full circle, it should ensurethat the content uses only the keywords mapped for every page.

Eachtime a company wants to move a company from an externally hosted siteto an internal one, it is very crucial for the company to follow thefollowing five basic steps:

  • The company must grab the backup from the externally hosted website

  • The person moving the site must download all the messages and emails from the previous site

  • Making changes to the pages of the new site

  • Changing the name domain of the server

  • Transferring the name domain to the host website also called the VIEO

1.The company must grab the backup from the externally hosted website-This is the first step during the migration. The company must ensurethat all the files from the provider of the old site are all grabbed.This process of grabbing is easy since it involves downloading of thebackup from the control panel of the old hosting website. In a caseof any difficulty, it is advisable to just contact the support andrequest them to download the backup file (Blanchard &amp Fabrycky,2012).

2. The person moving the site must download all the messages and emailsfrom the previous site –In most cases during the migration, theemail used during the previous site does not move. This, therefore,means that the company must just have a backup for the email toensure that not all the important emails are lost. The company canalso decide to use a mail program as an alternative where a programemail setup in the POP3 is made, and an account IMAP is used. Thiswill ensure that all the emails in the previous site are alldownloaded and stored on the desktop of the computer instead ofleaving them on the server (Blanchard &amp Fabrycky, 2012).

3.Making changes to the pages of the new site –Migrating theexternally hosted site an internal one, the company requires changingthe web pages according to its new needs and wishes. Since in thisproject the company will do online businesses to help its customersbuy various products through online means, the web page will have toinclude online pages of buying. Also, the company will need to changethe information existing on the page. This will then be followed by achange of the page color (Blanchard &amp Fabrycky, 2012).

4.Changing the name domain of the server –To make a new internalsite will require making sure that the DNS servers are pointed to adomain name. For instance, a site might have a domain name This, therefore, means that the company must providea relevant name of the company, which is rather related to what theyare offering. The company will the use the VIEO to help with variouschanges on launching the new internal website.

5.Transferring the name domain to the host website also called theVIEO –This step is often considered optional. The company will haveto transfer the domain name to the host site together with the VIEO.Renewal is often required after every year, and it was given free.

Evaluationof the alternatives of the internal hosting website

Beforethe consideration of any form of alternative for the internal hostingwebsite, it is very crucial for the company to understand and knowthe functionalities of the new internal website and whether thecompany can achieve the same or better output on just the sameenvironment. The company also needs to know whether the data typestored will achieve and get maximum settings of security within thenew locations or surroundings and how much control the company willhave on the new surroundings. The company will also need to know howthe security of the data will be handled.

Moreover,the company must decide whether it is capable of affording to createand maintain the costs of the new internal hosting site together withits environment. The company must also determine the probable costsof various other options of the new internal site. In any case, thenew internal host site environment meets the minimum necessities andrequirements for both software and hardware tools then the companywill proceed and migrate. The company is also required to address theconcerns of scalability and critical backup before the full migrationto the new site (Blanchard &amp Fabrycky, 2012).

Builda Gantt chart

Explainand justify the system architecture you have selected

Ihave decided to use the above-described architectural system to helpme, in any case, the main site will fail to function thus thecustomers are able to just go to the website and just buy variousproducts online using the created E-business within the site.

First,I would use scalability as an architectural system since scalabilitywill help give room for expansion, downsizing and changing the systemto help the whole company in meeting the business` needs. In doingso, I would try to understand what changes and what volumes of theinput are required, the number of outputs required and how everythingwill be processed. Before I fully migrate to the new internalsolution hosting a website I must be able to understand andcomprehend the changes required in our new website and every otherproposal for the new company made by the company. For instance,whether the company required a change in the bottom, pages, sections,colors, and any other information from the previous website thecompany had.

Secondly,I would use Web integration as the architectural system. Because anyinformation system must have several applications, web integrationwill surely help me in making our information system have severalapplications. Applications are just various programs that will helpin handling any input, managing, and logic processing of the data andfinally producing a desirable output from the system. Generally, webintegration will help us in integrating various web-based componentswith each other and most importantly, the company’s partners of theexternal business can use web browsers that are standard to help themin the importation and exportation of data to or from the site.

Iwould also use an interface legacy system requirement as myarchitectural system. In this scenario, our new internal hostingsolution site will have to interface with the previous site with theold system. In this case, the site analysts will have to determinehow the new site can and will communicate with the previous oldwebsite.

Finally,I would use the issue of security as my final system architecture.Due to, the previous site is also being changed it is very crucialfor me to change the security settings of the new site. This willensure that the same customers who used to visit the site have theaccessibility to log into the new site using their same passwords,usernames, and any other logins. This will then prompt them to createnew usernames, passwords, and any other requirement for the logininto the new site.

Illustratethe system architecture using Visio or equivalent software

Thereare moments when a customer will try login into an old website, andsince the company might have been sold to another independent companyor in some cases, the site is changing to a newer site. The system isthen put in such a way that in any case, the system is down, theprevious server will automatically connect to the new website`sserver. This will ensure that the customers are still able to link tothe new site. This is the perfect illustration of the architecturalsystem using Visio.

Create ause case that documents the event of a customer ordering a bag ofchips from the new Website

Purchasingproducts by an online means has become a very common and rampant wayof purchasing equipment all over the world. People prefer the buyingand selling of products by just going online and clicking on fewbuttons and everything is done. This is very efficient since it savesa lot of time, which someone would have spent on going to physicallybuy a product. It is also very easy to purchase a product using anonline means. There are very many popular online shopping websitesincluding, Amazon, e-bay, and even overstock. In any case, there is acustomer who is ordering for a bag of chips from our new website acreation of use case documents will follow the following steps:

  1. Going to the website –The customer will log into the website using the domain name of the site. For instance supposing the company`s name selling chips is called, on searching for this web page, the customer will automatically be directed to our site`s main page.

  2. Choosing the required amount and type of chips –After from the main page of the website login by the customer, the customer will have to select the number and kind of chips him/she require.

  3. Checking the status of the chips – the customer will then be able to click on the selected chips, which will be able to show every available information on the chips. For instance, by clicking on the chips, he/she will be able to see the ingredients of the chips and its quantity availability.

  4. Adding to cart –The customer will then add to the cart the quantity of the chips selected, the bag of the chips selected and any other item selected.

  5. Information on payment –After the addition to the shopping cart, the customer will have to pay the total amount of money of the whole chips selected. He/she will have various payment options including credit or debit card. In any case, the customer wishes to pay via PayPal, he/she will have to enter his/her card number together with the date of expiration and the security code. The customer will also be prompted to enter the address, which matches the information on the card. In any case, the customer wants the chips to be delivered to a different address, and then he/she will enter the address. The customers will also be provided with an option of saving all the information they have entered for future purchase. On doing this, most of the information will be saved within the site so as to reduce their tasks of entering all the information again (Blanchard &amp Fabrycky, 2012).

  6. Obtaining the bills and receipts –After concluding the information entry, another page will open which contains the purchase receipt and the purchase confirmation number.

Thegraphical representation of the use case using Visio or any otherequivalent and text description of the events

Discussthe support operations that the internally hosted Website willrequire after implementation

Thefollowing are the support operations, which will be required by theinternally hosted solution website after it is implemented.

  1. Maintenance and operations –The new internally hosted solution site will require huge maintenance since it will have to be kept going through information updating within the site. For instance, in any case, a new product arises I will have to indicate to the customers that a new product is now available with all the relevant information on the product.

  2. Bug fixing –Another operation which will sure be required is the bug fixation. This is usually done to ensure that any error within the program is eliminated and thus improves the functioning of the program.

  3. Protections of the site from hackers and virus – Hackers and virus have always provided huge threats top every site. They do this by corrupting the website and some hackers even go as far as stealing very important information from the website. To ensure that not all these happen, an antivirus will be installed, and the site will be updated from time to time.

Explainhow you will evaluate the performance of the new site and the successof your project

Evaluatingthe new site will depend on performance outcome and if it can docertain jobs or not. This is the same case for any new or migratingwebsite. For this project, I have managed to follow every procedure,which facilitates the performance of a website. Such procedureincluded the standard, verification, security, functionality,quality, and contents of data. In standard, I have followed all thefive basic steps of migrating a website from, grabbing the backupfrom the externally hosted website, to moving the site must downloadall the messages and emails from the previous site, to making changesto the pages of the new site, to changing the name domain of theserver, and finally to transferring the name domain to the hostwebsite also called the VIEO. In security, I have managed to installan anti-virus to prevent any hacker or virus from interfering withthe site. I have also managed to test whether the site works bycarrying out a task of an online bag of chips purchase. The onlything remaining is for the company to update the anti-virus provided,ensure any bug within the site is fixed, and update any newinformation or product to the site.


Blanchard,B. S.,&amp Fabrycky,W. J.(2012) Systemsengineering and analysis(4th ed.) New Jersey: Prentice Hall.