Developing Searchable Clinical Research Question

DevelopingSearchable Clinical Research Question

DevelopingSearchable Clinical Research Question


Theclinical issue that I intend to study is the weak supervision of thenursing professionals working in hospice institutions. Nursing staffprovide critical care to patients in hospice facilities. It isimportant that they access effective supervision that aims attraining, motivating, rewarding, and monitoring their performanceprogress. Hospice facilities offer end of life care services. Themanagement of the facilities must ensure that nurses have sufficientresources and are equipped with proper knowledge, experience, andskills. In several hospice care research surveys, the nurses haveindicated complaints regarding the work environment. One commoncomplaint is working independently without the advice or assistanceof the team managers. The research aims at encouraging team managersto guide the nurses in their work, and also ensure that they havesufficient resources and competencies.


PICOTtable shows the population, intervention, comparison, outcome, andtime elements of the research study (Susan et al., 2010).

PICOT TABLE for Quantitative Research


Nursing professionals in hospice institutions


Effective supervision


Poor supervision work environment


High quality end of life care, and nursing staff motivation


One year

ThePICOT Clinical Research Question

Howdoes effective supervision of hospice nursing staff, as opposed topoor supervision, improve end of life care of the patients and staffmotivation within one year?

Effectivesupervision is a good intervention for increasing the performance ofnursing staff. The team managers should set work goals, and thenguide and motivate the nursing staff to achieve the goals in aneffective and efficient manner. Comparison analyses the performanceof the present poor supervision, and the performance of the goodsupervision environment. Most nurses prefer to be coached andmentored by senior hospice managers (Kane et al., 2014).Effectiveness of the research study will be determined after one yearduring the performance appraisal process. Results and recommendationsof the research will be adopted completely if the work performanceand patient care improves after one year.


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