Discussion about a Picture

Discussionabout a Picture

Design elements are building blocks for creating one`s work of art,and they form the core visual components of any composition. In thegiven picture various elements have been utilized. First, the scaleis used in the image to portray the proper size of the house and itsenvirons. It shows the whole height of the house. The Scale is usedto capture the attention of the viewer in architecture. Classic scaledetermination is done using divine proportion or the golden sectionand it influences the meaning of work. Color has also been employedin the picture. The green color shows the environment and it’s usedto provide a comforting and soothing feeling. A blend of the gray andbrown is used on the house exterior. The color is characterized byattributes such as hue, saturation, and value. Different colors areused to portray various messages and reasons.

Response to Church

The church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli construction happened between1481 and 1489 in Venice, Italy. Pietro Lombardo, a Renaissanceartist, drew the church and employed unity and repetition throughoutthe structure. Arch and domes used in decorating the buildinginterior and exterior show the unity and creates a sense of gatheringthrough visual perception. It’s also expressed in the fade throughPalladian windows. The unified space is an example of spiritualsymbolism. Repetition helped amplify the effects of unity and bringit together as a whole.

Advancements in technology likely inspired Renaissance artists. OtherRenaissance artists also express similar classicality, naturalnessand use of unity. Arches are used multiple times in Raphael’spainting, The School of Athens. Through these elements, he portraysunity/harmony between figures in it. Further, the same elementsincluding a detailed tall arched niche depicting angels are utilizedin Michelangelo’s sculpture, The Tomb of Pope Julius.