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The Alaska Regional Hospital is involved in the provision ofcare for patients suffering from different medical conditions. Theorganization is located in 2801 Debarr Road, Anchorage, AK 99508. Ithas been established as a comprehensive medical care center in theUnited States with specialization areas. The hospital is in a betterposition to attend to patients suffering from various ailments.

The patient has been diagnosed with hemorrhagic stroke. The patientwill receive care at the Alaska Regional Hospital. The patient can begiven antihypertensive agents to help reduce the blood pressure andprevent a possible hemorrhagic stroke (Steiner et al., 2014). Thepayment for services can be achieved through use of a healthinsurance established by the government. The Affordable Care Actestablishes enables patients of such conditions to pay for theservices (Shi, &amp Singh, 2015). However, if the patient has accessto credit cards, he can as well pay for the medical services throughthat channel.

Comparison with Patients Living in Houston, Texas

Patients living in Houston have the benefit of getting morecomprehensive medical care. There are multiple health care centers inHouston specialized in management of patients suffering from similarconditions. If the patient was living there, he would benefit frommore specialized care. Particularly, there is the benefit of followup and more coordinated care. The rural area of Alaska does not haveall the needed resources to sufficiently manage patients sufferingfrom conditions such as hemorrhagic shock. For example, the MDAnderson Cancer Center deals with treatment and management ofpatients diagnosed with various conditions and focus on improving theoverall outcomes (Ying, Feeley, &amp Porter, 2016). The hospital isspecialized in handling different types of ailments and preventionactivities. Patients suffering from such conditions are assisted inthe management of the same.


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