Early American Writing Discussion

EarlyAmerican Writing Discussion



Theearly American writers consider the literature by William Bradford tobe important and worthy of inclusion in their journals because itprovides an accurate historical account of the Plymouth Colony. Itdescribes the activities through which the Pilgrims underwent intheir journey and survival in a new environment. Most importantly,William Bradford draws the attention of these events from himselfthrough focusing on the way the Pilgrims faced the challengestogether. He also employs an essential element where he writesthrough a providential perspective which entails the fact that he sawand understood the challenges the Pilgrims faced, but theiraccomplishments came as guidance from God (“Excepts from OfPlymouth Plantation,” 2013). Additionally, Bradford brings aboutessential themes and values that appeal to most American writers inthat he includes the significance of faith. The essence of the storyentails the fact that Bradford utilizes element such as the strengthof a united community, the benefits of hard work and perseverance.

Consequently,different writers incorporate the ideas brought forward by WilliamBradford through establishing an allegiance to their leaders as wellas God. They also depict an element of loyalty to the laws andregulations governing a particular community and thus portray thesubject in their work to be law abiding. Besides, different writersincorporate these values through indicating the consensus associatedwith the establishment of new governing bodies and power. These maybe followed closely by the fact that different writers ensure thatthey make their narrators reliable (“Excepts from Of PlymouthPlantation,” 2013). Nevertheless, most of the ideas brought out byWilliam Bradford involved various spellings and common abbreviations.However, these ideas have over time become irrelevant as writers inthe present world use proper English that follows the guidelines inthe dictionary. For instance, Bradford used abbreviations such as “y”which represented the pronunciation “th” used in the presentworld. Some of these ideas became irrelevant as people evolved overtime (“Excepts from Of Plymouth Plantation,” 2013).


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