Emergency Situation Management

EmergencySituation Management

EmergencySituation Management


Onecan determine whether the source of the emergency information iscredible through triangulation. To a great extent, it would becorrect to assume that all information regarding an emergence fromthe government is correct. Upon confirming the state as the source,it is usually right to declare the information valid and actimmediately. The government can only issue false emergencyinformation during drills to test the preparedness of its disasterdepartments. To improve the credibility of official messages specificpeople have to be allocated to investigate and confirm theinformation.

Characteristicsof Professionalism in Emergency Management

Thedepartments of Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Departmentof Homeland Security (DHS) among others have been defining as well asrefining characteristics of competent emergency managers. They aresupposed to be prepared to encounter challenges. Leadership indisaster management does not seek individual gratification butexploits professionalism to mitigate the challenges facing a specificgroup. The quality of leadership is derived from complexrelationships among individuals and is based on commitment, emotions,obligation, and trust. The five characteristics of professionalism inthe field of emergency management may include flexibility,collaboration, progressiveness, integration and comprehensiveness.

Thesecharacteristics are imperative in managing emergency situations themanagers have to be innovative and creative while handlingunprecedented situations. Secondly, they have to develop and sustaina sincere relationship among themselves. Thirdly, progressiveness hasto be present so that as the managers anticipate future emergencysituations, they can lay down plans derived from past lessons andexperiences. Integration is vital since unfortunate situationsrequire the liaison between different key stakeholders. Finally,comprehensiveness is important since the structures have to include awide range of professionals to addresses the myriad of problems thataffect a group during an emergency.