Emerging Leaders Who Change the World by Advancing the Kingdom of God


EmergingLeaders Who Change the World by Advancing the Kingdom of God

EmergingLeaders Who Change the World by Advancing the Kingdom of God

Leadershipcomes with a multitude of responsibilities, which require one to notonly work hard but also to make a lot of sacrifices. In the recentpast, leaders have applied humanitarian strategies, which were proneto failure. Leaders should let God develop their heart and theirability to influence followers effectively through biblicalteachings. The Bible has never gone wrong on the concept ofleadership. Many individuals such as Bishop, T.D. Jakes, Joel Osteen,and Joyce Meyer have shown their capability to change the globalcommunity by advancing God’s Kingdom.

BishopT.D. Jakes

T.D.Jakes has shown a lot of dedication in improving the world throughthe advancement of God’s kingdom. His practical ministry is a cleartestimony to his leadership capabilities. He has mentored members ofhis church by implementing sound biblical training programs aimed atimproving their strengths. T.D. Jakes has continuously played a partin the development and the transformation of youths in his church sothey can become better people in the society1.He taught the concept that God inspires through the Bible and acts asa revelation of how he wants man to behave through biblicalteachings.

Additionally,T.D. Jakes has assisted in the training of many church leaders andpastors hence inculcating the principle of abiding by the love ofGod. In the year 2014, Bishop Jakes held an international conferencefor pastors. Thousands of individuals from around the globe convenedfor the three-day event. The aim of the conference was to assistchurch leaders in transforming their ministries for the greater good.Doing so required pastors to strengthen the infrastructure for thepurpose of serving the global community. The conference broughttogether participants from different denominational, cultural, andethnical backgrounds. Hence, this goes to show that he was willing towork with a diverse group of people to transform the fabric of thesociety for further development. Social development is one of themost significant things a leader can do2.Failure to improve the organizational structure of the religiousministries may make it impossible to drive the necessary change thatthe international community desperately needs. His global influencehas concentrated on challenging the faith-based community to come upwith executive strategies in a bid to boost the economic landscape.

TheBishop has a school of leadership, which together with RegentUniversity conducts ceremonies for people who complete the Executivereligious program. Such theology qualifications enable individuals topreach the gospel in a manner that promotes growth through the valuesof the Bible. Objectively, T.D. Jakes has implemented initiativesthat will allow the next generation of leaders to optimize theirpotential in the quest of achieving a great dream. He hascategorically stated that change begins from a personal level. T.D.Jakes challenged people to stop abiding by the status quo if it isnot right.

Ideally,he was teaching the concept of applying ethics in everyday life.Morality is one of the widely emphasized issues that Jesus focused onin his biblical teachings. Leadership according to him comes aboutwhen an individual can comfortably deal with challenges faced by thesociety. Thanks to him, the church leaders and pastors he mentorshave created positive change in the community. The followers of suchchurches have also realized that they have a significant role to playin the society.

Consequently,they have supported the poor by donating necessities. Members of thesociety that were once divided by religious beliefs now co-existpeacefully due to the understanding that the Bible taught aspects ofunity. Like Jesus who championed the interests of the poor, T.D Jakeshas helped in fighting for the liberties of the unfortunate andoppressed in the society. This aspect, in particular, has gone a longway in enhancing the value of humanity. Most importantly, heestablished churches in marginalized regions and inspired people tochange their evil ways of life.


JoelOsteen is another emerging leader who is creating change throughbiblical principles. He has taught his ministry that God does notwant people only to fantasize, but also to turn the dreams intoaction. He implemented programs that sought to unearth the untappedgifts and talents of the youth. Biblical teachings stated that peopleshould make the most of what they have despite the differentcircumstances. Osteen used the example of Joseph, who found himselfin a challenging situation after his brothers sold him into slavery.Nonetheless, Joseph saw the opportunity as a space to perfect hisskills and abilities. He noticed that God had given him leadershipqualities, so he went on to improve on his potential, although hefaced a lot of negative criticism that saw him thrown into prison.Later, the authority noticed his capabilities and made him in chargeof the jail. Joseph’s persistent discipline eventually made himrise to a high ranking individual in Egypt. Through the program, JoelOsteen has developed the potential of the youthful generation andallowed them to step out in faith to make the best out of allopportunities3.He has also written a book titled ‘Become a Better You’ toinfluence hope in the society.

Inessence, Osteen challenged husbands and wives to set the directionthat the family takes by using a proper language guided by biblicalteachings. His teachings also encourage business owners to instillChristian values in the workforce. He believes that using optimisticlanguage in modeling and shaping the future generation is critical inbuilding a better world. It is clear that humanity has beendissatisfied with the poor productivity of the society. Often, peoplegive up in the pursuit of their dreams due to the lack of support andencouragement. Over the years, Osteen has made it his business tohelp people feel good about themselves. This is evident through hispreaching in the Houston’s Lakewood Church.

Upliftingwords have a good effect as they tend to improve the morale of anindividual. Leaders need to give people in the society something tobelieve in and trust. One may not change the mood in the nationalscope, but energizing people within one’s sphere of influence islikely to increase the level of productivity4.Other’s will eventually borrow the concept, thereby propelling anation to victory. His inspirational leadership has attracted a largenumber of people to his church, making it the fastest growing worshiporganization.

Osteenimplemented a fellowship program where he trained young individualson leadership. The individuals take the expertise learned to changethe perceptions of the people they associate with to further personalgrowth and achievement of goals. Similarly, the Lakewood Churchimplemented a women’s ministry. Osteen made the realization thatwomen face overwhelming pressure in the modern society. The reasonfor the initiative was to help women unleash their unique talents andgifts that are God given. Doing so would create a huge impact on thecommunity as a whole. Given that the program did not discriminateregarding age and background, it was very effective in improving thelives of single, married, and professional ladies5.


JoyceMeyer, an internationally renowned speaker who doubles up as anauthor and a preacher, is yet another perfect example of emergingleaders who are using biblical teachings to transform society.Openness and honesty are the key elements of her ministry, which sheuses to motivate individuals to discover themselves. Meyer advancesthe kingdom of God by illustrating the struggles she has faced likesexual abuse and divorce, and how God got her out of such situations.It shows that leaders should acknowledge what God has done for themand use it to transform the lives of others6.

Shehas emphasized on the essence of embracing diversity because God hada purpose for creating different people. In fact, individuals shouldview diversity as a strength to learn from one another, especiallybecause the American society is highly multicultural. Sheparticipated in the HTB leadership conference in the year 2015, whereshe challenged leaders of different ministries to stop making theinterests of a ministry all about themselves and how it can grow, butto create unity, love one another as Jesus commanded and the restwill fall into place7.A large part of her ministry has programs that enhance the rightattitude of the participants, a factor that will change people’smindset and create a social perception that all things are possible.


TheBible plays a fundamental role in guiding leaders to adoptappropriate techniques geared towards creating transformationalchange in the society. In fact, abiding by biblical teachings makesleaders be role models for the community. As shown by figures likeBishop, T.D. Jakes, Joel Osteen, and Joyce Meyer leadership does nothave to be political to be influential but also religious. The globalcommunity has become more conscious about cultural differences, andtherefore, emerging religious icons should encourage interaction in amanner that promotes social advancement. By preaching hope andtraining individuals, many gospel ministries have inspired people tounleash their full potential.


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