English The Declaration of Independence

English:The Declaration of Independence

TheDeclaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, marked the birth of theUnited States of America. Addressing to the American people, thecolonists and the government of Britain, Thomas Jefferson recognizedthe right to Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as the basichuman rights (Vidmar 154). However, the nature or aspect of theserights includes certain extents based on some religious and moralstands.


Bythe statement that “all men are created equal,” Jeffersonexpressed that all the Native Americans, the immigrants and thecolonists are justified to have equal treatment through birth(Wendorf 314-318). That is to say, being born naturally grants anequal individual treatment with respect of these rights. The “allmen” in this declaration meant all those governed by the Britishgovernment including the settlers and excluding the Britishgovernment that according to the declaration denied people the rightsto life, liberty, and happiness.

Despitethe declaration and the consequent quest leading to independence inAmerica, some people face mistreatment in American today. Forinstance, the police brutality against the black Americans due toracism denies the victims the right to life, freedom, and happinesscalled upon in the declaration document. Also, unequal distributionof resources is an extension of rights violation.


Jeffersonrecognized the right to life as God-given and valuable right from thebirth of a person. However, the mention of “Laws of Nature andNature`s God” in introductory part established both scientific andreligious beliefs about the origin and value of life (Wendorf 308).Therefore, excise of rights has a based on both moral and religiousvalues. Alternatively, the notion that government is instituted tosafeguard human rights reveals an important philosophical stand inexcising these rights.


Accordingto Vidmar (153-157), the right to life requires protection ofcitizens from murder or anything that demeans life while libertyrefers to freedom from political, social and economic oppression.Although more philosophical than religious, the pursuit of happinessrefers to the wellbeing and enjoyment of life for the greaterproportion of American population. Therefore, the right to lifeentails preservation of human life and is seizable if individual’sright to life endangers those other people. Similarly, individual’sfreedom liberty can be seized when others’ is endangered.


Peopleare free to pursue happiness when the rights or that of othersremains secure (Vidmar 155). In this case, this right has limitationswhere individual’s enjoyment interferes negatively with that ofother citizens.

Inbrief, all people need equal enjoyment of the basic rights indeclaration document. Importantly, the government should guarantee toits people equal treatment in respect of the right to life, thepursuit of happiness, and liberty. Philosophically, the declarationjustifies that people can overthrow the governance if a governmentfails to secure these rights.


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