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The justice system has the mandate of ensuring that it exercisesprofessionalism when it comes to deciding cases. Consideration offacts should take precedence in any matter that is decided by thejury. Further, it is crucial to consider the validity of witnessaccounts before deciding on a given case.

Response to Question One

The battered woman syndrome illustrates the defense presented by afemale defendant who argues that to protect herself, it was crucialfor her to kill the husband (Couture, &amp Ammar, 2014). Theapplication of such a defense before the justice system is notjustified. Female defendants who present such an argument need tounderstand that the law provides for redress in cases where theirhusbands abuse them. The woman should seek legal intervention to dealwith the abusive spouse. The decision to kill the husband is wrongand application of battered woman syndrome as a defense areunjustified.

Response to Question Two

The trial court failed to give instructions regarding the insanitydefense for its influence in affecting the judgment. The appellatecourt was right in reaching the decision since it sought to ensurethat the right of the defendant is upheld. The decision not topresent the insanity defense denied the defendant an opportunity toargue against the accusations leveled. The case indicates that thedifference in insanity and temporary insanity has an impact indictating how one conducts themselves. The short duration of time inwhich the defendant was insane could have affected his judgmentleading to the actions that ensued.


Overall, the justice system has the mandate to uphold the rights ofthose accused. However, it is fundamental to consider the leveldefense presented in any given case. It makes it possible to reach afair judgment.


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