Ethics in Action


Ethicsin Action


Ms.Janice Stillwater you recently received a letter stamped “Secretand Confidential,” from the Carnival Corporation. Later, you made apost regarding the status of your employment in relation to thecondition of the ship Merriment on your social networking site.

Itis your responsibility to protect our company’s proprietary andconfidential information. This duty extends to current employees,former employees and prospective employees. In your case,decommissioning of the ship is material that is not known outside ourcompany. This kind of data should not be shared with outside partieswithout approval from the organization. You may only share thisknowledge with people who have a legitimate need of knowing it(Carnival Corporation Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, nd). Posting it on the Internet exposed the information to all parties,including our competitors.

Sharingof Company facts has been governed, particularly on the web. You mayuse social media for legal business purposes but before postingbusiness-related information on a networking site, you must first getauthorization from a department head, a requirement as described inthe “Safeguarding Company Property and Information” section ofCode of Business Conduct and Ethics. Confidential contents belongingto the company should be kept out of public sight and disposed ofwhen no longer needed (Carnival Corporation Code of Business Conductand Ethics, nd).

Youacted unethically by disregarding these rules and postingconfidential Information online. Social media allows the spread ofcritical information to many different locations making thepossibility of a user introducing a weakness of the company to theworld probable. Therefore, while using the Internet, next timeremember to post your personal matters only.


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