Event Planning Career — Self Assessment

EventPlanning Career — Self Assessment

Iacknowledge that event-planning career is a demanding profession thatrequires one to deploy various skills. I also recognize that the listof necessary skills is endless, but the core skills are easilynotable and include planning, communication, leadership, IT skills,teamwork, independence, and time management. As a learnerspecializing in event planning career, I have been able to mastermany of these skills, although there are some areas I will need topolish.

Sincethe course is about planning events, I consider planning to be anessential skill that a professional event planner should have. Basedon the personal assessment, I would consider myself to have masteredthis skill satisfactorily. On a scale of the score range of 1 to 10,I would give myself 10. I have learned various steps and processesinvolved in event planning, including generating idea and proposals,conducting feasibility study, drawings aims, and objectives,implementing requirements, implementing plans, monitoring andevaluating, and making recommendations for future practice. I havealso mastered the concept and implications of integrated planning,which primarily considers and treats all aspects of events as asingle, interrelated set system for a harmonious plan.

However,I consider that the profession is not only about planning, but alsoliaising with all parties involved to understand their needs andconcerns, reflect them in the plan, and communicate the plan. Thesuccess of this process heavily depends on communication skills. Iwould also rate my mastery of this skill as satisfactory, withascore10 out 10. I can communicate fluently and consistently in anoral and written form. I have good handwriting, and I can type on acomputer and send emails. Moreover, I also have also mastered thetheory of efficient communication, which I believe will enable me toexpress effectively with my clients.

Teamworkis also another essential skill that event planners should have. Theimportance of collaboration follows from the fact that, in manycases, event planners do not work alone, but with a team of otherevent planners. As a team, they liaise and share information on howto make a plan successful. I have mastered a lot in this area, but Iwould give myself a score of 6 out of 10. While I am aware of whatteamwork entails, I do not have exposure to practical experience. Ifeel an experience of cooperation is crucial to rate myself asatisfactory score.

Culturalcompetence is an essential skill of event planners because theytypically work in a cultural diverse environment that requires themto deploy the skill. I consider that self-assessment is all aboutacknowledging the cultural differences and being able to work withother people, regardless of their culture. I am equipped with thetheory to guide my practice in a diverse ethnic environment, but Ilack experience. I would give myself a score of below average.Besides, I would also give myself a score of below average in otherareas such as leadership, independence, time management, ITcompetence, and problem-solving because I lack practical experience.In essence, this category of skills is the area I will need to focuson further development.

Inconclusion, I would say I am good at planning, communicating, andteamwork, and weak at such as leadership, independence, timemanagement, IT competence and problem solving because I lackpractical experience. Therefore, to polish these areas, my careerdevelopment plan will need to be particularly oriented towardspractice to gain experience.