Executive Summary


A balanced scorecard is an essential component in an organization forthe role it plays in the measurement of their activities by theidentified vision and strategies. It serves the goal of giving theexecutive and the management an overall view of the businessperformance. The goal of a balanced scorecard is to enable theorganization to understand their vision and strategy while workingtowards their translation into action. Apple Inc. is atelecommunications company dealing with the manufacture and sale ofelectronic devices ranging from mobile phones, computers, andtablets. The organization is a leader in the telecommunicationsindustry as attested by their performance in the market. It commandsa significant market share. Various factors can be attributed to theorganization’s performance. The manner in which the companyconducts activities could explain its growth in the industry. Forthis paper, the balanced scorecard method will be employed inanalyzing the organization and provide a rationale for the company’sgrowth despite the competition in the industry. The four aspects ofthe balanced scorecard will be employed in the analysis. They includethe financial, customer, learning and growth and the internalperspective.


The organization selected three objectives under the financialperspective. They included profitability, growth and development andsurvival. However, the company will focus on a 15% increase in returnon capital employed. It will help the company grow.


There is a need to increase the degree of customer engagement withthe organization. A decrease in 7% defects reported to the companywill serve to confirm that the company is doing well. However, anincrease in 2% defective products is not right for the organizationsince it shows customers are losing confidence in the companyproducts.


Despite efforts by Apple Inc to ensure effectiveness in itsoperability, we aim at reducing the staff turnover rate by up to 25%.It will make sure that all skilled employees of the organization arecommitted to executing the tasks assigned to them. Further,activities will be enhanced to increase the number of productsmanufactured.

Learning and Growth

Apple recognizes the need to improve the skills of employees in theorganization. The company will focus on training employees to enablethem to deal with the day to day challenges related to their duties.The training will be done on a quarterly basis so that by the end of2018, they will be better placed to conduct their services.