Exercise prescription



Theconcepts of inertia, mass and momentum linear as well as rotationalmotion maybe applied in a variety of ways. One of them is based ontheir importance in enhancing physical action while taking part inwork out that are bound to improve the capacity of the body to joinin various ventures as it will be very flexible and fit (Sok, Yamane,Lee &amp Hodgins, 2010). The elements are also critical in enablingone to lose excess body weight, thereby protecting individuals fromdiverse chronic health issues, for instance high blood pressure,obesity, and diabetes.

Notably,these concepts are mostly centered on the aspect of subjecting thebody to different forms of weight and positions. Essentially, thisassists in ensuring all muscles found in the body of an individualcan stretch. As a result, there is usually a free flow of blood tosome sessions of the body where such a process was hampered by someinternal factors (Sok, et al., 2010). Also, these activities help toimprove the rate of blood circulation to various sections of thebody. Consequently, there is a quick aeration of the cells as well asan expedited removal of wastes that could be found in different partsof the muscles.

Itis also important to understand all these concepts as they may enableone to comprehend the different procedures that typically take placeduring physical exercise and the essence of all those processes.Accordingly, an individual is, therefore, able to have knowledge ofthe activities that he may need to take part in, to achieve givenobjective during a physical exercise. Besides, they will as well beaware of the safety procedures necessary while using these concepts.


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