Factor interdependency


Howmight she draw upon and apply the theories of management andmotivation to address these issues?

Allisonshould apply contingency theory that asserts that when making adecision, all the aspects of the current situation must be taken intoaccount and be acted upon. She should also employ motivation theory xand theory y that requires enforcement of rules and implementation ofpunishments and as employers, they should show creativity and hardwork for success (Timmins, Means, &amp Freshen, 2015). For example,they can compensate the dentist who comes with many patients.

Whatare the most urgent issues? Complete a list, with #1 being the mosturgent issue.

  1. Allison should motivate herself and get up ready to change the whole situation.

  2. Hold a staff meeting and address all the problems facing the business and assure the employees that all will be well.

  3. Put across motivational strategies such that everyone should bring in new patients and if he does so he is rewarded.

  4. How to market their business to attract more customers.

  5. Put across a rule that there will be no salary increment of any partner until the partnership starts to make consistent profits.

  6. They should not buy equipment that they cannot afford.

  7. Reduce their expenses at all costs and focus on generating more revenue.

  8. Explain to workers why the end of year bonus was eliminated and assure them that once they revive the business, the bonuses would be returned.

  9. Change the consulting firm.

  10. Not add any staff until there is a need to.

Whatactions might she suggest to improve the situation? Review theMotivation Matters section of this chapter and outline avenues ofimprovement.

Allisoncan suggest things such as devising a cheap but fruitful advertisingstrategy such as encouraging the employees to market their businessand if an employee brings a patient, he will be compensated with acertain amount. She can also call for a meeting to help in reducingtension between dentist and staff. Cancel the salary increment forthe third partner until the partnership generates enough income.

Whichstrategies might be used to motivate the dentists and the employeesin working to begin to address the issues?

Financialmotivation at the time is difficult since the partnership is alreadygoing through financial problems. The best way of motivating at thistime is through communication so that the employees know they arevalued and that their hard work is appreciated. Allison should alsobe an example to the employees if she brings new customers, theothers emulate.


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