Faith Based College


FaithBased College

FaithBased College

TheGrand Canyon University (GCU) is a faith-based institution where thecurriculum has added spiritual components to mentor and enrich thestudents’ lives and experiences. The curriculum is integrated withfaith teachings to address all the needs of students besidesacademics. Students are taught how faith plays an integral part inall academic fields like health sciences, engineering, businessmanagement, or mathematics. In addition, the Christian Communityoffers support to students in need (The Grand Canyon University,2016). The University has Life Groups that meet weekly to offer aplatform on which students can grow spiritually through prayers,bible study, support, and spiritual counsel. The universityintegrates faith in learning to enable the students to connect theuniversal information with spiritual knowledge. Faith enables thestudents to practice exploration and honest inquiries thereforeenhancing dialogue and investigations on academic and social issues.

Thevalues instilled to students at the Grand Canyon University enablesstudents to have confidence and faith in their courses and educationfor a future career, as they believe that God is leading them. Theuniversity equips students with sufficient knowledge to overcomedilemmas in the future like whether to take up a job in a companythat does not have Christian ideals (The Grand Canyon University,2016). The Christian values advocates for the importance ofrelationships, which is a vital aspect of education experienceespecially for new students. Similarly, the values enable thestudents and the community to harmonize and enhance the socialrelationship. The university lecturers are motivated to offer highquality education therefore, the level of excellence is high, as itis not influenced by cultural beliefs. The Christian point of viewfrom which the curriculum is based enables students to seek for truthin sciences, mathematics, and other disciplines. The universityprovides a positive experience in education.


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