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Nurses continue to witness various issues on a daily basis as theydischarge their services. Different patients will present to thehospital with different concerns that could affect the overall mannerof treatment. However, I understand that it is imperative for a nursepractitioner to adhere to the highest standards to ensure that theytake into consideration the patient concerns.

I agree with the need to incorporate research findings while equallyembracing evidence-based practice when it comes to execution ofnursing roles. Proven evidence must guide decisions made by aparticular nurse regarding the issue under consideration. Forexample, relating to the patient concern regarding blood transfusion,it was ethical and professional for me to ensure that adhere to therequest of the client while focusing on improved treatment outcomes.

As a nurse practitioner, I understand the need to rely on evidenceand previously conducted research to facilitate the discharge oftreatment to patients. The benefit of employing research is that itenables one to get an alternative toward the problem that exists(Ellis, 2016). For example, in the case of my patient, I was able tofind the alternative route of treatment instead of employing bloodtransfusion which was a requirement for successful chemotherapy. Theability to get an alternative form of dealing with the situation withregard to treatment can be made possible through research (Stevens,2013). Through the application of evidence-based practice, it becomespossible to get ideas on strategies employed before and theirreliability in improving the treatment outcomes (Polit, &amp Beck,2013).

I agree with the need for health care professionals to adopt theevidence-based practice to enable them to meet their day to daypracticing needs. Through the adoption of such a method, improvedpatient outcomes are likely to be achieved.


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